September 3 is Father’s Day

Quality time: Spending time with your dad this Father's Day, could be the best present you have ever given him.
Quality time: Spending time with your dad this Father's Day, could be the best present you have ever given him.

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In case you have forgotten, September 3 is Father’s Day – the day you get to say thanks to your dad for being a: top bloke, one in a million, no. 1 dad, or whatever the card you bought says. 

While card companies often try to over hype the day, don’t forget the true meaning is to say thanks to your dad for everything he has done for you this year. 

Don’t get caught out with buying expensive or silly gifts that you know he will never use, usually, the best gifts are free and will only cost you your time. 

Why not try one of these ideas to help you make the most of Father’s Day they will save you money and your dad from receiving another pair of socks. 

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Helping hand

Has your dad mentioned a project he needs help with around the house or in the garden? 

While he might not want to spend Father’s Day doing DIY he might appreciate the offer of you freeing up a weekend to help him tackle the weeds in the garden. 

Get together

How often do you and your siblings get together these days?

Offer to cook lunch or dinner and have everyone over to your dads for a meal and a chance for some real family time.

If you have siblings away from home get them to skype in. 

Get walking

Go to your dad's favourite spot whether it is a beach, park, or mountain walk, nothing beats some fresh air at the weekend. 

Turn it into a family affair and bring the kids and dogs along too. 

Gone fishing

What better way to relax than casting a line with your dad, enjoying the serenity by the lakes and catching up. 

Even better if you manage to catch a fish, dinner is sorted. 

Catch a game 

Put your footy differences aside for the day and catch a game with your dad.

Whether it is at the footy ground or on TV at your local pub, nothing beats game day atmosphere. 

Or if your dad prefers a stroll around the green organise a golf day for both of you or get the family involved, have a Father’s Day tournament, you don’t even have to let him win. 

Movie time

Get the popcorn ready and your dads favourite snacks, maybe some beer and settle in for an evening of classics. 

Either watch your dads favourite or introduce him to something you know he will love, has he watched Game Of Thrones yet?

First-time dads

For the new mums and dads out there, keep it simple and special. A treasured photo or DIY hand and foot prints and a family day.