Future play in good hands

Young players are the future of our sport; very few ever get to make the Team of the Year

The River Murray under 21 team for season 2017 is a team for the future, the fact that players come from five different clubs within the association bodes well for the competition, now and in the future.

Also what needs to be noted is that Harkness, O’Neil and Nicholson made the Joylene Crouch Team of the Year which is a rare occurrence for three younger players to be listed within the team.

Young players are the future of our sport; very few of our up and coming players ever get to make the Team of the Year as traditionally it takes experience to be named as one of the top 10 within the association - this season has proved an exception.

We also need, for the first time, to mention our up and coming players that played in our aged grades this year, these girls will be the ones we need to keep our eyes on next season as they develop even further.

From within our 17 and under grade we need to mention players like Matilda Hughes from Tailem Bend.

Hughes is an agile and athletic player with strong drive and good vision; she applies defensive pressure and works tirelessly for her team. She plays mainly within the centre court area but can also back up in defence.

From Ramblers we have Skyeisha Rigney, who is a speedy player who has the ability to take intercepts and create turnovers.

She has good vision and grim determination and has a strong presence within the centre court area of play and can prove a stubborn obstacle for attackers.

From the 15 and under competition  we have Kara Reed from Mypolonga.

Reed, although not tall in stature, gives good voice and encouragement to her team-mates, directs play well, consistently positions and re-offers as she works in and around the goal circle area and provides good drive down court into attack.

Finally, Lucy O’Neil from Ramblers is a strong determined player who can hold defenders at bay with body strength and strong hands for ball possession.

She is a very accurate shooter who can rebound well when needed, a very determined player.

These four players from within our aged grades are the future of the association.

All have shown great promise of what is to come from their netball careers as they strive to be the best they can - not only for themselves but their teams and clubs.

Many promising juniors not only give of themselves in playing but also endeavour to undertake other aspects of what it is to give to a club, Kara Reed is such a player.

Reed is an up and coming developing umpire and has officiated in some A grade games this season.

Her movement around court as a player is as good as her movement as an umpire - she may one day have to face the undesired question of, to play or to umpire. As she is competent in both, the choice will be hers to make at some time in the future.

All players featured in the 21 and under team for 2017 show a promise of what is to come in the future.