TOP BAKING TIPS for Red Cross' Big Cake Bake

Fundraiser: Rowie Dillon wants Australians to get baking this month. Photo: Red Cross.

Fundraiser: Rowie Dillon wants Australians to get baking this month. Photo: Red Cross.

Gluten free queen and chef Rowie Dillon wants more Australians to get a taste of Big Cake Bake, Red Cross’ most delicious community fundraiser in October.

As a Big Cake Bake ambassador, Rowie’s determined to prove a chocolate cake without flour can be just as terrific as the real deal. She wants everyone to get the chance to join the thousands of bake-offs and afternoon teas around the nation for the annual fundraiser’s sixth year.

“Having friends who are gluten or dairy free isn’t a hassle anymore as you can make something absolutely delicious with a little know how and experimenting. That means more people can bake, and be spoiled with some treats, all for a good cause.”

Registrations are now open to take part in Big Cake Bake which culminates in a national celebration on Friday 27 October. Events can be held anytime throughout October.

“This is a fun and social way to make a difference and you can feel good knowing your efforts will help people overcome crisis in Australia in beyond, whether that’s a hot meal for the homeless or help for someone when disaster strikes, so get amongst it,” Rowie said.

There’s no shortage of cooking inspiration with celebrity ambassadors Maggie Beer, Pamela Clark and Chris Bath also joining Big Cake Bake for 2017.

An extensive recipe collection is available online ( to inspire an expected 12,000 people who bake and raise funds for Australian Red Cross and its vital everyday work. 

Rowie’s top baking tips

  1. Get to know your flours. Is it squeaky? Is it soft and powdery or is it gritty and earthy? Add a little water. Does it stick together or does it separate and turn to rock? Embrace your inner professor and become a curious cook.
  2. Rotate half way through baking. Every oven has a hot spot and if you don’t correct it, you run the risk of unevenly cooked pastries.
  3. Invest in quality bakeware.
  4. There is power in the digital scale. Weigh your ingredients.

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