Houseboat mooring restricted at Bolto and Haythorpe Reserves at Mannum

A 24-hour dedicated houseboat mooring area has been allocated at the southern end of Haythorpe Reserve to restrict mooring at the camping areas at Bolto and Haythorpe Reserves in Mannum.

Houseboat and riverboat users will be directed to the mooring zone, extending 100 metres upstream and adjacent to the public toilets, to reduce animosity between paying campers and non-paying day visitors to the reserves. 

In a report to council, Manager of Regulatory Services Rocky Warren said, previously, houseboats have moored along the river’s edge at both reserves without paying, which has caused animosity to those paying to use the facilities at each reserve.

He said the allocated zone would improve the amenity of both reserves for day users as well as paid campers.

The Mid Murray Council’s chief executive officer Russell Peate said elected members moved to establish the zone to eradicate the conflict between campers, day users and houseboats, particularly during busy periods.

“We made this decision so campers who pay $10 a night to use facilities don’t have to deal with houseboats parking in front of them and blocking access and views,” he said.

Mr Peate said campers had made council aware of their concerns.

“It’s much better that we have an area for houseboats to go other than the two reserves where people pay to be,” he said.

“Signs will be posted so it’s clear where houseboats need to go.”

Signage and promotion is expected to cost council approximately $700.

Council also decided there would be no houseboat mooring permitted at Bolto Reserve.