Wine from Clare could eventually reach a new frontier

SA could eventually enter a new frontier of wine exportation, with talk of vineyards one day being planted on Mars.

Muster Wine Company, which has vineyards in the Clare and Barossa Valleys, developed an offshoot brand called Mars Needs back in 2013 after a chance run of songs.

Owner David Muster was at home one night drinking a Clare Valley shiraz that did not quite fit in with the Muster label, but concluded the drop was too good to let it go to waste.

With his iPod on shuffle in the background, a song from electronic music producer Skrillex with an alien as its cover art was closely followed by a song from David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. 

Mr Muster sensed a pattern was emerging, and thus Mars Needs was born.

“Lets look outside the box and even outside the earth,” Mr Muster said about creating the separate label.

“I am sure there is life somewhere else and if that is the case, what do they drink?”

The brand caught the eye of Chris Carberry, chief executive officer of American organisation Explore Mars which hopes to put humans on Mars by 2033.

Mr Carberry got in touch with Mr Muster about the Mars Needs label and they exchanged emails about the possibility of planting vineyards and developing wine on the planet.

“There are so many different angles and things to talk about like could we grow grapes there, could we make wine, all those sorts of things,” Mr Muster said.

He said it would be difficult, but could be achieved using modifications.

“The soil is all red which means it is iron rich, but low in nutrients, so you would have to propagate the soil and use hydroponics,” he said.

“But some areas in the Barossa and in Clare have that really red soil, so you could probably do it in a modified atmosphere.”

Mr Muster and Mr Carberry both agreed that the first batch of wine made on Mars would not be the greatest.

This story Is there wine on Mars? first appeared on Northern Argus.