Coorong council roads issues were address by Adrian Pederick at special council meeting.

Roads around the Coorong District Council area were Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick’s main topic of discussion at the council’s October 3 special meeting. 

Speaking on behalf of the Coorong Ratepayers Action Group (CRAG), Mr Pederick said he had received numerous inquiries and concerns regarding the council’s road network, and felt it was his obligation to forward these onto the council. 

He had received multiple inquires about the condition of roads including Jabuk South Road, Evan Roads, Nine Mile Road, Goodall Road at Ki Ki and Parkin Hall Road.

Mr Pederick said he had heard numerous comments from residents, saying they would not take their two-wheel drive vehicles on the council’s roads.

“I drove from the Meningie Road through to Coomandook the other day and I was just glad I was in my Prado,” he said. “I’ve just re-berthed my old ute. I took that to Meningie the other day and I don’t think I’ll be taking it again.”

Mr Pederick said he had personally raised concerns with the council about Parkin Hall Road in the past. 

“It must have been last year, I called the mayor and I said in the 54 years that I’ve been here, that’s the worst condition I’d ever seen it,” he said. “To his credit they did address it in a couple of weeks.”

“It is my understanding that roads are mandatory council business, but it certainly doesn’t look like it out there.”  

Council chief executive officer Vincent Cammell acknowledged issues with roads in the district, and said the council had modernised road practices in the past few years, predominately in the materials used.

“Council does now use a crushed rubble,” he said. “The council did have some issues in the early days in regard to the quality of material is was getting, both in regard to the crushing practices but also possibly the clay versus sand content with it.”

Mr Cammell said a quality product had since been produced and would be used in the future. He added that the council receives mixed messaged from across the district about timing for road grading, but agreed more grading might need to be undertaken. 

“I think the one thing we’re happy to say is that we agree that a little bit more grading is required and we’re working through how we can deliver that,” he said.