Roos upset the Blues

Division One

Bridge Blue suffered at the hands of Mannum and is now only 4 points ahead of Jervois on the premiership table with Mannum only 2 points further back, but 7 in advance of Bridge White.

Blues only managed to get 2 points and that was only by one shot, the other 2 rinks were close but Mannum caused the upset win by 7 shots.

RSL got off the mark with a 19 shot win against Karoonda, Steve Kroehn’s rink got 2 points for Karoonda with a one shot win over Gary Daniel but the other 2 teams of Noel Kneebone and Tony Gill were marginal winners for RSL.

Skipper of the round goes to Noel Kneebone, his RSL team responded brilliantly to get over the line by 13 shots in a hard fought game.

MEASURE: Jervois' Garry Mason measuring in his side's Division One match against Murray Bridge White. Photo: William Bailey.

MEASURE: Jervois' Garry Mason measuring in his side's Division One match against Murray Bridge White. Photo: William Bailey.

RSL vs Karoonda

RSL hosted Karoonda on a cold, windy day that saw some excellent competition across the rinks.

Although both sides were depleted with numbers with Karoonda having six regulars players out and RSL having 14 unavailable for the first four weeks - both sides battled well and provided some excellent team battles.

Dennis Fiegert, Karen Kneebone, Allan Arbon and Noel Kneebone took on Bevis Shulz, Barb Pope, Barry Cornish and Josh Porker.

The first half was tight bowling with Josh saving a number of ends with controlled bowls into strong RSL heads. At the halfway mark it was 11/8 to RSL.

After the break Porker was able to get the first score on the board to get to 11/10. From that moment on the RSL team won 8 of the last 11 ends to take the game 27/14.

Karen Kneebone and Allan Arbon proved deciding bowlers to set up and convert heads providing their skip with opportunities to take the points in the end.

Gary "Grizzly" Daniels played Steve Kroehn in an entertaining match.

Kroehn's team got off to a belter with and 13 to one start after seven ends.

From then on the game turned and with good draw bowling from Allan Woolridge saw the RSL get back into the game.

The tussle between Malcolm Waechter and Mike Bristow at third was a highlight all day with both players providing good up sits and conversions. At the end of the game "Kraney" took the chocolates with a 28/27 cliffhanger.

Tony Gill took on Len Symonds in the third rink with the visitors storming in front early. But a brilliant eight saw Tony Gill's team get back in the match.

From that moment on the RSL players tightened up their bowling and were dominant from ends 8-14 to take the lead 22-13.

Bertie Trewren on lead played well all day setting up the local team early. In the end Tony Gill's Rink came out winning 30-23.

Bridge White vs Jervois

Ted Baxter got an impressive first half and secured a good 17 to 11 shot lead at the break against David Kempe, he was able to maintain this advantage to the completion of the match taking out six-shot victory.

Graeme Herbert got a catapulting start and raced away to a massive 29 to four after 15 next 10 ends, a tremendous fight back by Les Trewren saw them win 8 of the 10 ends to at least make a more competitive match with the final score being 33 to 21.

Graham Fromm and Chester Moore had a good close match saw the score after 16 ends at 16 shots a piece, Graham held strong and won by 5 shots.

Overall the result of a 11 shots victory showed Jervois as a much better combination.

Division Two

Jervois Black heads the list after defeating Karoonda on all rinks by an overall margin of 23 shots, Mannum also scored maximum points with a 70 shot win over RSL and in a battle of the Reds, Murray Bridge beat Jervois in a close one by 5 shots. 

Bridge Red holds 3rd spot and though beaten Tailem Bend’s 4 points keeps the side 4th ahead of Jervois Red on percentage. After that it’s close down to 7th position.

Meningie vs Taliem Bend

At Meningie the home side finished the days play 27 shots in front of Tailem Bend, with all the damage done on one rink.

Trevor Mitchell’s team spaced Neville Merritt’s by 33 shots, big scores to Meningie especially on 5 rinks made sure the result was in the bag a long way from home.

Tailem started with two singles but by the 15th end trailed by 21 shots, a 7 on the 3rd end a 6th on the 10th followed by a 5 then an 8 on the 20th plus winning 14 of the 21 ends showed Meningie’s supremacy.

The other 2 rinks were won narrowly by Tailem Bend, Ian Shepherd and Roger Marsh shared the lead changes until the 9th end where Tailem gradually drew away winning 5 of the next 6 ends to take a lead of 7 shots.

Meningie rallied from there claiming 4 ends straight that cut the deficit to 2 shots, then a 2 to Tailem kept it safe for a 3 shot margin at the finish.

John Connolly (TB) and Brian Lord went shot for shot for the entire match, Tailem led by 3 on the 14th end but Meningie levelled the scores immediately. It was Tailem on top over the last 6 ends scoring 6 shots to 3 to make the winning margin 3 shots.

Division Three

Only 3 fixtures were on show here with results leaving Mannum Green top 2 points ahead of Bridge Purple, then not far away in the four come Meningie and Jervois. Forced changes however will alter the makeup of the list in the next couple of weeks.

Bridge Grey recovered to gain a maximum points win against Karoonda, Bridge Purple achieved the same result against Meningie while Mannum Green made it by 6 shots against Tailem Bend Blue.

Mannum Greens’ 6 shot winning margin was enough to clinch top spot for the side despite losing by 7 shots on the other rink.

Peter McAvaney’s players got the work done for Greens, they got away to a massive start against Ruth Cross’s rink winning 6 of the first 7 ends raking up 15 shots to 3.

Tailem won the next four but they were all singles and a 5 among two singles to Green’s kept Tailem at bay.

They did finish on a good note, scoring 8 shots over 4 ends in the run home, that however was almost cancelled out when Green’s picked up a 5 on the 17th that was enough to get the side home by 14 shots.

Gary Beauglehall got away to a very good start setting up a score of 8-nil against Trevor Frahn’s Green team. 

Tailem came back with a 4 after that a 3 on the 15th, then finished just the better over the last 6 ends to win by 8.

Night Owls

Interest was high again last week at both Wednesday and Thursdays registration nights at the Murray Bridge Bowling Club for the upcoming Night Owls social bowls season.

This interest from teams from last season as well as many new players was great and foreshadows another interesting seasons ahead for both nights.

Among those turning up on Wednesday night were 10 prospective players from the local mushroom farm. 

These players will form 2 teams in the competition and indicates how work places can enjoy an opportunity of socialising together outside work. 

While all new to bowling, they along with others, received elementary coaching from Jim Freak and Ben Traeger who are accredited coaches with Bowls SA. 

This coaching will be available each week prior to games and then followed with the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice, and I’m sure it won’t be long before these players feel quite at home on the green.

It appears 14 teams will take to the greens for this Wednesday competition. Two teams in Hill Street Hoods and Off Roaders have transferred from playing on Thursday nights, while 5 new teams have joined in the competition.

On Thursday night, after the meal provided by the club, again players took to the greens to renew their skills in preparation for the weeks ahead. 

Three new teams will appear this season, while another two teams have had a name change.

Eleven new players are included in the returning teams, which means more are taking up the opportunity to learn the game of lawn bowls.

Thursday night competition looks likely to see 18 teams playing each other which will be another healthy season. 

The coaches were again busy instructing players and look to have another busy night of the week ahead of them. 

Players new and old were taking the opportunity of learning the finer points of the game and benefitting their enjoyment of playing.

Of interest, on Thursday nights will be the arrival of local seven-time Mail Medal winner Bohdan Cybulka to the game of bowls. 

No doubt as he showed in his progression from soccer to Australian Rules Football he will quickly adapt to this new challenge.

The club is again grateful to the support of Murray Computers for again coming on board as the major sponsors in introducing players to the game of lawn bowls.

It is also a great opportunity for members of the community to become involved in the sport. 

Competitors range from 14 years to 80 years have showed how lawn bowls is a game for all age groups and provides another opportunity of involvement to the community.