Juniors brave chills

The Murray Bridge Junior lawn tennis matches this weekend were played in chilly conditions. Jumpers and coats were needed Saturday instead of sun screen.

RETURN: Young Christian Slattery, Sportsmen, faced off against his opponent at the Murray Bridge lawn courts recently. Photo: William Bailey.

RETURN: Young Christian Slattery, Sportsmen, faced off against his opponent at the Murray Bridge lawn courts recently. Photo: William Bailey.

Murrayland vs Sportsmen

Murraylands took on Sportsmen with both teams scoring wins last week.

Murraylands were up by one set after the doubles.

Taj Rowe and Christian Slattery for Sportsmen had to fight hard to defeat Cooper Lienert and Fenix Coull 6-5, as did Millie Daniels and Bella Freaney for Murraylands over Quintin Short and Lexie Buick also winning 6-5.

Murraylands kept their winning form going, taking eight of the ten singles on offer.

Cooper Lienert had another marathon in his singles, winning 6-5 over Taj Rowe, as did Millie Daniels over Quintin Short and Bella Freaney over Lexie Buick.

Most valuable player for Murraylands was Luke Crouch, and Nathaniel Pennecott received his team’s award.

Coorong vs Schools

Coorong faced Schools and were up by one set after the doubles. Tyson Bormann and Lachlan Thomas for Coorong had to dig deep to beat Aidan Morrell and Riley Pearce 7-6 (7- 4).

Callum Thomas and Coen Martin for Coorong also had a marathon double, defeating Angelo DeIonno and Riley Daniels 6-5, as did Jack Bell and Thomas Kruschel also Coorong over Sam Johnson and Curtis Mundy 6-5.

Oscar Coull and James Hand for Schools recorded another close win over brothers Alex and Hayden Law 6-5.

Schools fought back strongly in the singles, winning eight of the ten on offer.

Oscar Coull was involved in another 6-5 with his win over Alex Law, and Portia Machetti for Schools, scraped in 6-5 against Rosie Vowles.

For Schools, Sam Johnson received his teams award and for Coorong, Jack Bell was his team’s winner.

Banks vs West

Banks, playing their first match for the season, took on West and with both teams missing players, shared the doubles.

Banks stepped up in the singles, winning five of the eight on offer. Lucas Young for West had the closest single defeating Danielle Daish 6-5.

Most Valuable Player for Banks was Kyla Jarvis, and Dylan Schenscher won his Team’s award.

Top team Swanport took on Avoca. With both teams playing with eight they shared the doubles.

William Crane and Ryan Farnham for Avoca had a tough match against Jacob Godden and Billy Maddaford, winning 7-5. Ned Hughes and Emma Godden for Swanport also had to fight hard to beat Lachlan Daniels and Lukus Bald 6-5.

Swanport proved they are worthy of top spot in the singles, winning five of the eight, with three matches having a 6-5 or better score. Billy Maddaford for Swanport had to dig deep to beat Ryan Farnham 7-5, as did Emma Godden also Swanport over Lukus Bald 6-5. Lachlan Daniels for Avoca, also had to play his best to beat Ned Hughes.

Emma Godden was Swanport’s Most Valuable Player, and for Avoca, Ryan Farnham was the recipient.


Round 2

Swanport 7-59 def Avoca 5-57


J Godden, B Maddaford v W Crane, R Farnham 5-7; M Godden, N King v D Bald, L Bald 0-6; N Hughes, E Godden v L Daniels, L Bald 6-5; L King, B Lienert v B Stewart, S White 6-4


J Godden v W Crane 6-2; B Maddaford v R Farnham 7-5; M Godden v D Bald 6-3; N King v L Bald 4-6; N Hughes v L Daniels 5-6; E Godden v L Bald 6-5; L King v B Stewart 6-2; B Lienert v S White 2-6

Banks 7-59 def West 5-42


D Altmann, B Morrell v D Schenscher, L Young 4-6; D Daish, Z Bald v L Young, B Arnold 3-6; B Hobbs-Dunning, H Chewings v C Lovell, K Moffatt 6-4; R Tyler, K Jarvis v A Bell, K Parkinson 6-1


D Altmann v D Schenscher 2-6; B Morrell v L Young 3-6; D Daish v L Young 5-6; Z Bald v B Arnold 6-0(fft) B Hobbs-Dunning v C Lovell 6-1; H Chewings v K Moffatt 6-2; R Tyler v A Bell 6-2; K Jarvis v K Parkinson 6-2

Schools 10-81 def Coorong 5-63


A Morrell, R Pearce v T Bormann, L Thomas 6-7; A DeIonno, R Daniels v C Thomas, C Martin 5-6; S Johnson, C Mundy v J Bell, T Kruschel 5-6; O Coull, J Hand v A Law, H Law 6-5; A Mundy, P Machetti v SA McFarlane, R Vowles 6-3


A Morrell v T Bormann 6-4; R Pearce v L Thomas 3-6; A DeIonno v C Thomas 6-2; R Daniels v C Martin 6-1; S Johnson v J Bell 2-6; C Mundy v T Kruschel 6-2; O Coull v A Lew 6-5; J Hand v H Law 6-1; A Mundy v S McFarlane 6-4; P Machetti v R Vowles 6-5

Murraylands 11-77 def Sportsmen 4-63


K Allen, J Willis v A Hein, K Watts 6-2; L Crouch, TK Mashinge v C Pennicott, J Crouch 6-3; B Muller, H Lovell v E Slattery, N Pennicott 2-6; C Lienert, F Coull v T Rowe, C Slattery 5-6;; M Daniels, B Freaney v Q Short, L Buick 6-5


K Allen v A Hein 6-3; J Willis v K Watts 6-4; L Crouch v C Pennicott 6-0; TK Mashinge v J Crouch 6-3; B Muller v E Slattery 6-4; H Lovell v N Pennicott 0-6; C Lienert v T Rowe 6-5; F Coull v C Slattery 4-6; M Daniels v Q Short 6-5; B Freaney v L Buick 6-5