Coonalpyn on show

On they go: Adult Challengers Phil Roberts, Calum Dow, Matthew Schmerl, Ashley Obst, who are all members of the show committee took part in some fun racing.
On they go: Adult Challengers Phil Roberts, Calum Dow, Matthew Schmerl, Ashley Obst, who are all members of the show committee took part in some fun racing.

Coonalpyn show section results

A: HORSES IN ACTION – Encourage results: Champion Led - Morgan Smith- Caballero La Casa Exqusite Dancer, Reserve Led - Ashleigh Holland- Adrenalin.  Champion Pony- Maddi- Rose Cox & Crikey, Reserve Champion - Emily Ross- Limehill Monty. Champion Galloway- Catilin Kupke and Oakley. Champion Hack- Kylie Klay & Solute, Reserve Champion, Katrina Brokus & Blighty. Champion Rider- Caitlin Kupke, Reserve Champion- Jac Holman. Champion Pleasure Mount- Katrina Brokus and Blighty, Reserve Champion- Jac Holman & Noddy. Champion Club Mount- Caitlin Kupke and Oakley Reserve- Katrina Brokus and Blighty. Champion Rider- Caitlin Kupke Reserve- Maddi-Rose Cox & Crikey

Qualifying Ring 1: Champion Show Galloway Hack: Wesswood Supercaste- M. Haynes, Reserve: Sanlirra Always- Sarah Coles. Champion Show Hunter Galloway: Daisy Lane Huntsman- A. Madill Reserve: Bamborough Gossamer- S. Chaplin. Champion Rider 13 & under 18 years: W. Rowett- Dalbrae Martyn, Reserve: N. Rowett- GH Many Thanks. Champion Hack: Quality Street- R. Rothall, Reserve: DQ Grace- M.Haynes. Champion Hunter Hack: Foxie- C. Lawrie Reserve: Silky Chex- J. Anderson. Champion Senior Rider: T. Williams- Holding Aces. Champion Pony Hack Ne 12.2HH- Silkwood Ribbons- N. Bruggeman, Reserve: Dalbrae Martyn- N. Rowett; Champion Pony Hack over 12.2HH NE 14HH: Fairleigh Finian- N.Bruggeman

Qualifying Ring 2: Champion Pony Hack NE 12.2HH: Newington Tinkerbell- Brianna Duncan Reserve: Dalbrae Martyn-  Whitney Rowett. Champion Pony Hack over 12.2HH NE 14HH- Calford on a high- N.Smith, Reserve: Flying R Royal Centrefold- P. Scott.  Champion Hunter Pony NE 12.2HH- Rivington Sundress- Alli Madill.  Champion Hunter Pony NE 12.2HH NE 14HH- Polegreen Park Pizazz- Brooke King. Champion and Reserve Junior Rider- Sophie Potter, Reserve: Brooke King. Champion Galloway Hack- Rosedale Spring Carnival- N. Bruggeman; Champion Hunter Galloway- Holding Aces- Tess Williams. Champion Reserve Champion Hack- Covert Affairs- Jess Gibson, Reserve- GH Many Thanks Natasha Rowett; Supreme Champion Show Hack- Quality Street- R. Rothall; Supreme Champion Hunter- Holding Aces- Tess Williams; Supreme Rider- Sophie Potter

Stockman’s Challenge 2017 – Open Challenge: 1st: Caleb Pearce & Cricket; 2nd: Kirsten Aldersey & Soul Man ; 3rd: Kirsten Aldersey & Ivy; 4th: Jack Traeger & Cricket; Encourage Challenge: 1st: Heidi Thickens & Crafty; 2nd: Joesph Williams; 3rd Jacinta Holman & Noddy; Junior Challenge: 1st: Morgan Thickens & Docs Willow Oak; 2nd: Britney Noske & Wishes; 3rd: Britney Noske & Eden; 4th: Ebony McCauley & Jack the Royals Jr; 5th: Jessica Williams

C: BEEF CATTLE – Junior Champion Female: Yerwal Estate Miss Maddie- Mt Mooney Simmentals. Senior Champion Female: Mt Mooney Marrabella- Mt Mooney Simmentals. Junior Champion Bull: Schwarwyn Max- T.C & L.A Smith. Senior Champion Bull: Rosehill Lenny- Jess Paine.  Supreme Exhibit:  Yerwal Estate Miss Maddie- Mt Mooney Simmentals.

F: POULTRY - Champion Bird of Show: Jake & Jamie Fix; Best Heavy Breed: J & J Fix; Best Light Breed: A & E Nartschick; Best Water Fowl – J & J Fix. Most Points Open Section: Danmalee Poultry. Champion Junior Bird - Tylar Fix, Most Points Junior Poultry - Tylar Fix; G: GRAIN & FODDER – Champion Entry: Lachie Jacobs, Most Points: Ronald Freund, Biggest Weed: Asher Neumann; H: WOOL – Champion Fleece: Danny Jacob, Champion Ewe Fleece: Geoff Zacher, Most Points: Greg Tynan; I: HOME PRODUCE – Aggregate Trophy Classes 1-13: Nadene Jericho; Classes 14-26: Christine Klitscher, Classes 27-42: Wendy Uren.

J & J/1: COOKERY –Best Cut Cake: Carolyn Johnson, Most Exhibits in Section J: Julianne Wandel, Most Points in Section J: Carolyn Johnson; Most Points in Section J/1: Carolyn Johnson, Most Exhibits in Section J/1: C Johnson, Best Exhibit in J-1: Alison Woidt, Most Points in Section J & J/1: C Johnson, Most Exhibits in Section J & J/1 C Johnson. Laucke Scone Competition winner: Julianne Wandel.

K: VEGETABLES – Collection of Vegetables/Fruit: Phil Miegel, Most Points: Phil Miegel; Most outstanding legume: Raelene Kernick.

L:  SEWING & NEEDLEWORK – Most Points in Classes 1-9: Michelle Raper & Maxine Cornish, Classes 10-15: Michelle Raper, Classes 16-21: Julianne Wandel & Karen Smart,  Most Points In Section: Michelle Raper,  Outstanding Exhibit: Karen Smart; L/1: PATCHWORK & APPLIQUE - Most Points Section: Michelle Raper, Most Outstanding: Chris Altus; M:  KNITTING & CROCHET- Champion Garment: Monica Verran, Most Points: Jean Davis.  Most Points Junior : – Sophie Schiller, Jasmine Geue & Evelyn Leske

N: CRAFTS – Most Outstanding Exhibit: Neil Davis, Most Points in Section: Neil Davis. Class 20: 5 items: M Raper; N/1: ART – Open Champion Entry: Rosemary Bond-Gerhardy; Most Points: Helen Bowering. Junior: Most Outstanding Exhibit: Kindy-Yr 1: Chantelle Richards, Yrs 2-4: Inca Gregor; Yrs 5-7: Jasmine Geue; Secondary: Kelsey Hutchesson; O: CUT FLOWERS–Champion Rose Emily Mueller, Champion Native: John Edmonds-Wilson, Champion Cut: Helen Bowering, Most Successful Exhibitor: Betty Casanova; O/1: FLORAL ART– Champion: Marie Hunter, Champion Pedestal: Marie Hunter, Novice: Emily Mueller; Most Points: Marie Hunter; O/2: POT PLANTS– Champion Pot Plant: Phil Miegel, Most Points: Helen Bowering.

PHOTOGRAPHY- Most Points Open: Michelle Raper; Most Points Rec-Yr 7: Max Cormack; Most Points Yr 8-12: Elsa Keller; Q: JUNK/METAL SCULPTURE– Small decorative: Trent Stewart; Large item: Howard Eaton; Living thing sculpture: Trent Stewart.

 R/1: JUNIOR CRAFT– Most Outstanding Exhibit Kindy, Rec & Yr 1: Reef Gregor, Most Points: Esther Neumann.  Most Outstanding Yr 2,3&4: Sophie Jacobs, Most Points Yr 2,3&4: Talli Schilling.  Most Outstanding Exhibit Yr 5,6&7: Elsie Johnson, Most Points Yr 5,6&7: E Johnson. Most Outstanding Exhibit Secondary: Ophelia Neumann, Most Points Secondary: 3-way tie – Alistair Neumann, Sophie Watts, Matt Edmonds-Wilson; R/2:  JUNIOR COOKERY– Most Points Kindy to Yr1: Esther Neumann, Yr 2-4: Asher Neumann, Yr 5-7: Elsie Johnson, Most Points Yr 8-12: Jonathan Schmerl; R/3:  JUNIOR LEGO – Best Exhibit Kindy - Yr 1: Erin Biermann, Best Exhibit Yr 2-4: Kiarah Leske, Best Exhibit Yr 5 - Yr 7: Lachie Jacobs, Secondary: Brandon Schmerl.