Weekly sporting results


Men’s Golf

Eighty-three men enjoyed glorious weather during the PJ & LM TROTTER Stableford comp at the Bridge course last Saturday where 80 something year-old marvel Bill Mashado was the star of the day.

Piling on a massive 42 points, the evergreen golfer packed too many guns for the rest of the field on a high scoring day where players needed to beat their handicaps to win a prize.

Seemingly never overly happy with life, Bill would surely have poured himself a stronger than normal cordial afterwards at home to celebrate his brilliant win.

Some great golf was played and none better than that displayed by reigning club champion Happy Gilmour who shot just one over the card off the stick to win the A grade with 38 points. 

It could have been a whole lot better too with several ‘gimme’ putts missed that the rest of us are used to blowing!

It was great to see former long time member Peter Phillips dropping in for a round after missing the field teeing off earlier in the day at Tailem Bend.

It didn't seem to matter that he hadn't played here for 4 months or so as he effortlessly reeled off 38 points to be the runner up to Happy on a close countback. 

James Clarke has recently been promoted into the "B" grade and he announced his arrival in stunning fashion by blasting out 41 points to narrowly beat a resurgent "Crash" McLaren just one point shy of that brilliant score.

Over in "C" grade "Fiery" Freddy Carter was on his best behaviour all day as he played consistent down the middle golf to secure victory with 41 points also just a single shot ahead of runner up Trent Paech.

Voucher winners were led in by the gentle giant Shaun McGlashan who confidently predicted post round that he was "back in town and ready to rumble" after his quality 38 point haul. 

Great to see but can he walk the walk and not just talk the talk next round? Cool as a cucumber super veteran Ron Peacock is never one to boast that he has mastered the game but he did pretty well on Saturday with his fine 38 point effort.

Nine players scored 37 points to fill the rest of the placings and they were Alois Kniebeiss, Lloyd Norrish, Ken Parbs, Stephen Cocks, SuperSid, Rob Walters, Andrew Meddle, Tony Carter and "Dashing" Des Ayres. 

Alois Kniebeiss won the Pro comp for his stunning 23 point back nine whilst the pick of the NTP's had to be Happy Gilmour's short iron to the 17th just missing an ace by a whisker.

It's time for the greens to be cored mid this week so a 2 person aggregate Stableford event has been scheduled for this Saturday.

Mannum Golf Club

Tuesday October 25

Stableford competition, 14 players

Pro 9 $11 – Back 23 points Graham Littlefield 

1st Place – Graham Littlefield, 43 points

2nd Place – Colin Vigar, 39 points

3rd Place – Des Gaskell, 37 points

4th Place – Stan Thompson, 35 points

5th Place – Rod Foreman, 35 points

6th Place – James Bailey, 34 points

7th Place – William Banks, 33 points

8th Place – Bunny Bormann, 33 points

NTP 4 and 13 – Robert Officer

NTP 6 and 15 – James Bailey

Longest Putt – Des Gaskell

Saturday October 28

Stroke competition, 13 players

Pro 9 Front $12 – Trevor Johnson 22

1st Place – Trevor Johnson, 67 points

2nd Place – Bob Silcock, 67 points

3rd Place – James Bailey, 68 points

4th Place – Michael Bottroff, 69 points

5th Place – William Banks, 69 points 

6th Place – Norm Dalton, 69 points

7th Place – Trevor Hancock, 70 points

8th Place – Trevor Miller, 72 points

NTP 6 and 15 – Trevor Johnson.

Putts A – James Bailey


Victor Harbor Croquet Club- 25/10/2017

T Tee/E Morgan 7 d R MacDougall/S Knight 3; J Saunders/B de Caux 7 d A Greussing/P Dale 4; C Knight/J Jenkins 4 d S Lee/M Cheshire1; M Smith 7 d C Horner 5; C Knight/P Dale 7 d M Cheshire/R MacDougall 4; J Saunders/J Jenkins 6 d E Morgan/S Lee 3; M Smith/B de Caux 5 d C Horner/S Knight 4;


Murray Bridge Squash

Week 15 17/10/2017

Tarantulas 3 def Black Widow 1 – K Phillips 3 D Bates 2; J Holubecki 0 G Bald 3; D Bock 3 S Drewett 0; H Redden 3 C Bryan 0

Redbacks 2-7 def Funnel webs 2-6 – L Edmond 1 D Putman (R) 3; J Owens 3 L Vickers (R) J Barker (R) 3 D Bald; C Bryan (R) 0 H Redden (R) 3

Premiership Table: Tarantulas 49, Black Widows 42, Redbacks 35, Funnel Webs 31, Brown Recluses 23

WEEK 16 24/10/2017

Tarantulas 3 def Brown Recluses 1 – 

K Phillips 3 N Speck 0; J Holubecki 2 L Cross 3; D Bock 3 J Barker 0; H Redden 3 C Williams 0.

Black Widows 3 def Funnel Webs 1 – D Bates 3 A Pergallini 1; G Bald 3 L Vickers (r) 0; S Drewett 2 D Bald 3; C Bryan 3 C Marks 0

Premiership Table: Tarantulas 54, Black Widow 47, Red Backs 35, Funnel Webs 32, Brown Recluses 24


Lower Murray Hard Court Tennis Association


Lutheran White vs Lutheran Red 

Lutheran White 3-42 Vs Lutheran Red 9-62

Doubles: B Zadow + R Lee vs J+B Hein 3-6; D+H Rigney vs M Kubenk + J Adams 2-6; L Joppich + E Rigney vs L Mann + P Rigney 6-4; D Curcudel + M Jopppich vs J Rigney + B Kowald 2-6.

Singles: Bradley Zadow vs Jordan Hein 4-6; Ryan Lee vs Brayden Hein 5-6 (4-7); Dudley Rigney vs Matthew Kubenk 6-4; Harry Rigney vs Jordan Adams 3-6; Liam Joppich vs L Mann 6-0; Edward Rigney vs P Rigney 4-6; Dan Curcudel vs Jerone Rigney 0-6; Mikayla Joppich vs Brock Kowald 1-6

Lutheran Blue vs Mannum Green

In idyllic conditions on Saturday morning, Lutheran Blue and Mannum Green met at Christian Reserve. With several new players on the scene it was always going to be hard to predict the winning side.

The top doubles match between Andrew Ahrens and Leo Mach, (Lutheran), and Mannum’s Brock Heward and Elise Horstmann was a tight affair with Lutheran getting up 6 games to 4. The next match went Mannum’s way with Matthew Craig and Thomas Griggs getting the better of Shawna and Brayden Denman. The other two doubles both went Lutheran’s way.

Some great tennis was played in the singles. Thomas Griggs had a close game against Lutheran’s Brayden Denman.

Both boys played some terrific shots,Griggs got up 6-4 in the end. In another close game, Lutheran’s Ayan Atif defeated Amali Baker 6 games to 4 clocking up his first win for the season. 

After just a couple of weeks in the sport, Jenkinson has already shown signs of more to come with his first win of the season. Horstmann was a standout player for Mannum.

Although there were many contested rallies, she eventually finished with a clear 6-3 victory over Lutheran’s Leo Mach.

The final victory, however, went to Lutheran winning 8 sets to 4. Congratulations goes to all players but particularly to all those playing one of their first games of tennis in a competition.

Lutheran White vs Lutheran Red

It was a beautiful morning for tennis when Lutheran White and Lutheran Red met on home ground Saturday.

There were some really hard fought games, and although the hard work and determination put in by all players might not have been reflected in the final scores, every single player should be proud of their efforts.

Lutheran white’s Ryan Lee had a gripping game against Red’s Brayden Hein which unfortunately didn’t go his way, with Ryan dong down 4-7 in a tie breaker.

Bradley Zadow met Jordan Hein in a close game which eventually went Red’s way 4-6.

Edward Rigney played a enjoyable game against Patricia Rigney, with both getting in some fantastic shots and moving around the court nicely.

Although Edward went down 4-6, the game seemed much closer. Dudley Rigney and Liam Joppich both had wins for White in their singles games.

Dudley Rigney played a great game against Matthew Kubenk getting up 6-4; while Liam Joppich met Lachlan Mann and had a 6-0 win in his first game of the season.

Harry Rigney playing as number 4 met Jordan Adams who, despite a great effort on Harry’s part, was unfortunately too good and Harry went down 3-6.

Our new comers on the scene, Dan Curcudel and Mikayla Joppich both had encouraging games, managing to get a score on the board in their first singles match together.

It was fantastic to see such great team spirit and determination by all players.


Tailem Bend vs Lutheran Blue


Top double of Adrian Chevalier and Hamish Fuge played Matthew Ahrens and Anekia Rigney, both teams played well with Lutheran winning 9-3. Tailem’s Ryan Varga and Alec Millard played Lutherans Matt Perriman and Andrew Ahrens with Lutheran winning 9-3.

Tailem’s Elsie Grobler and Michelle Saye played Lutheran’s Jordan Hein and Eric Ahrens. It was a close and long game with Lutheran winning in a tie break (5-7).

Tailem’s Nathan Fullgrabe and Nikita Capes played Ray Wilson and Yvonne Mach with Tailem’s double winning 9-3.


Chevalier and Ahrens played a hard game with Lutheran winning 6-3. Fuge played Rigney in a hard hitting game with with Lutheran winning 6-2. 

Varga and Perriman had a good game with Lutheran winning 6-1. Millard had a good game against Ahrens wth Lutheran winning 7-4 in a tie break.

Grobler and Hein had a good hit with Hein winning 6-0. Saye and Ahrens had a good hit with Ahrens winning 6-2. Fullgrabe played Mach with Fullgrabe winning 6-4. Capes played Wilson with Wilson winning 6-4.

Mannum vs Jervois


Tyler Barker and Jordan Barker vs Anthony Lapinskas and Christopher Steele – 2-9.

Cooper Grabowski and Lachlan Stennett vs Chloe Parkinson and Anne Hein – 4-9.

Jarrod Manuel and Chloe Schellen vs David Hein and Alex Hein – 0-9.

Zak Muirhead and Kellie Modra vs Daniel Guttilla and Marilyn O’Loughlin – 1-6.


Tyler Barker vs Anthony Lapinskas – 0-6. Jordan Barker vs Christopher Steele – 6-5.

Cooper Grabowski vs Chloe Parkinson – 5-6. Jarrod Manuel vs Anne Hein – 4-6.

Lachlan Stennett vs Alex Hein – 5-6. Chloe Schellen vs David Hein – 1-6. 

Zak Muirhead vs Daniel Guttilla – 6-1. Kellie Modra vs Marilyn O’Laughlin – 1-6.

Match won by Jervois

Mypolonga V Lutheran Red

The match started with Lutheran Red unexpectedly being two players short, causing the team to forfeit the last double and last two singles, and some players needing to play in higher positions.

Red started well, winning the first two doubles.

Mitchell Lienert and Jamie Honor defeated John Owens and Roger Head 9-3, while Todd Lienert and Jesse Linton won a closer match against Matthew Goldsmith and Ray Rossiter, 9-6.

Mypo’s Tom Howson and Helen Redden were too experienced against  Red’s new players, James Clarke and Kim Merritt, winning the third double 9-0.

Red won three of the top four singles in quality matches. The other three singles were won by Mypolonga, each with a 6-1 score.

Red won five of the nine sets played, but Mypolonga won the match seven sets to five due to the three sets forfeited by Lutheran.