ROUND 3: Swannies' streak continues

RETURN: Andrew Ahrens reaches low to keep the play going. Photo: William Bailey.
RETURN: Andrew Ahrens reaches low to keep the play going. Photo: William Bailey.


Swanport v Schools

Reigning Premier Swanport remained undefeated after surviving a tough encounter with Schools in Saturday’s round of lawn tennis.

The “Swannies” snuck out to a two set lead after the doubles with Schools snatching the closest set of this section when the combination of lefty’s Tony Juergens and Jason Hampel snuck home in a tiebreak against Kelvin Farnham and Riley Morrell.

The singles section was evenly contested with both sides clinching six singles. Swanport’s top order were in good touch with Leigh Ryswyk and stalwart Dave Altmann capturing comfortable wins en route to unbeaten afternoons while Mick Godden got the better of a determined Kylie Bormann.

Albert Goodridge survived a tough tussle with Olivia Bolt, Riley Morrell won well while youngster Will Crane won a crucial tiebreak against Nathan Bolt.

For Schools Tyson Bormann, Daniel Altmann and Kurtis Madigan all snuck home by the same scoreline 7-5, Paul Howell and Jason Hampel had comfortable wins while Kym McFee got the better of up and coming youngster Jacob Godden 9-5.

With Swanport still holding a two set advantage coming into the reverse doubles they were able to split the final six sets on offer with Will Crane and Riley Morrell securing the points for the “Swannies” after a tie break win over Kylie Bormann and Tony Juergens.

Postel v Sportsmen

Postel made it back-to-back wins after a narrow win over Sportsmen. With both sides missing top players it was an opportunity for both teams to blood some young junior players.

Postel got after a great start winning five of the six opening doubles however Sportsmen bounced back in the singles by capturing eight of the twelve singles on offer.

For Postel, Mark Holmes and Tom Daniel both scored tough 6-4 wins while Kobe Allen and Caitlin Waechter won comfortably. For Sportsmen, Phil Marks, Andrew Ahrens and Kailan

Challinger all had 6-4 wins; Jack Joy had a good tussle with Aidan Morrell while youngsters Jason Crouch, Mikayla Godden, Coen Pennicott and Billy Maddaford all had great wins to help Sportsmen level proceedings before the reverse doubles commenced.

Postel however regained their composure to play the better in this section. They captured four of the six final sets on offer to run out narrow victors by two sets.


The Murray Bridge Junior lawn tennis matches on Saturday, were played in more pleasant conditions than last weekend.

Schools v Sportsmen

Third placed Schools took on lower placed Sportsmen and were up by four set after the doubles, the closest between Oscar Coull and James Hand for Schools over Taj Rowe and Christian Slattery 6-4.

Schools kept their winning form going, taking seven of the ten singles on offer. Oscar Coull had a marathon in his singles, winning 6-5 over Taj Rowe.

Most valuable player for Schools was Ethan Cooper, and Emmanuel Slattery received his team’s award.

Avoca v Coorong

Avoca faced Coorong and were up by one set after the doubles. Tyson Bormann and Lachlan Thomas for Coorong had to dig deep to beat William Crane and Ryan Farnham 7-6.

Hamish Dow and Jack Bell for Coorong had a tough match against Lachlan Daniels and Bailey Morrell winning 6-5, as did Lukus Bald and Ben Stewart, Avoca over Thomas Kruschel and Hayden Law, and Sam White and Bella Freaney, Avoca over Skye McFarlane and Rosie Vowles.

Avoca continued their winning form in the singles, winning six of the ten on offer. Hayden Law for Coorong was involved in another 6-5 with his win over Ben Stewart, and Rosie Vowles, Coorong, scraped in 6-5 against Bella Freaney.

For Avoca, Sam White received his team’s award and for Coorong, Hayden Law was his team’s winner.

Postel v Murraylands

Postel got off to a good start winning three of the five doubles against Murraylands. Coen Martin and Jess turner for Postel had a battle against Bailey Muller and Charlie Lovell winning 6-5.

Sharing the singles, the one set advantage in the doubles got Postel over the line. Henry Turner for Postel had the closest single defeating Jaxon Penny 6-5.

Most Valuable Player for Postel was Lucien Kerley, and Kobe Allen won his Team’s award.

Swanport v Banks

Top team Swanport took on lower ranked Banks and were ahead four to one after the doubles. Ned Hughes and Emma Godden for Swanport, had to dig deep to defeat Zakk Bald and Breanna Hobbs- Dunning 6-5. Banks stepped up in the singles taking six of the ten on offer.

Emma Godden and Breanna Hobbs-Dunning were again involved in another 6-5 score in the singles, this time Breanna took the honours.

Billy Maddaford was Swanport’s Most Valuable Player, and for Banks, Danielle Daish was the recipient.


Bridge Crows v River Aces

Having had the bye last week this was River Aces first game of the season but with their fearless leader, Owen Morrell missing from the ranks they were always going to find it difficult.

The first set did not start well with the Aces pair Graham Buttle and Ray Rossiter down 1-4. But at this stage these two players found their mojo and were able to turn the set around finally walking off winners 7-5.

The top ladies double was won by Bridge Crows when Lorraine Vickers and Jill Woolford were successful 7-3. But this score was no indication of the actual play as there were plenty of deuce games which Val “Brick wall” Scott and Judy Oliver just couldn’t seem to finish off.

Crows then won the next four sets so that at the start of the final round they had their required five sets for a win. Crows also won the first two sets of this last round.

However the reverse ladies double between Vickers and Yvonne Przibilla, Crows, facing Scott and Deanna Harden was a much tougher set with the games score tied together throughout until it reached five all.

At this point Aces put together a string of winners to take the set 7-5.

Final scores were Bridge Crows seven sets 59 games to River Aces 2 sets 31 games.

Players winning all three sets were Jill Woolford and Rod Williams, both Crows players.

Twin Bridges v Community Club

Twin Bridges went into this match missing their top man and playing with Tash Loveday in this position. With Mark Stiller playing top man for Club, Loveday was always going to face tough opposition.

Bridges lost the first set between these two, with partners, Ben Bowman and Kevin Prosser 5-7.

The second set was a mixed double, between Lorraine Graetz and Gerry Korzeba, Bridges, opposed to Peter Paech and Ruth Miller.

This was a long set where all but three games went to multiple deuces. However the Bridges pair seemed to struggle to finish off the rallies and the final score went Clubs way 7-3.

The last set of the round gave Bridges their first win when Michelle Saye and Sharon Watson proved too strong for Helen Redden and Lyn Bald taking the set 7-4.

Bridges won two of the three sets in the second round which tied the score at three sets all for the start of the final round.

The first set went Clubs way when Stiller and Paech won their set 7-3.

Saye and Graetz were able to even the score after a tough battle with Redden and Miller where the lead changed several times until five all was reached. 

Then they dug deep and managed to win 7-5.

The all important final set, a mixed double between Bowman and Watson, Bridges against Prosser and Bald, was a drawn out one with many long rallies and lots of deuces.

While the score remained tied together throughout it seemed to be Bridges who were playing catch up.

With everyone watching on tender hooks, the match went into a tie break. It was here that determination and grit by the Club couple assisted them to take the tie 7-2, giving Community club the set and the match.

Final scores were Community Club five sets 53 games to Twin Bridges four sets 46 games. 

The only player to win all three sets was Mark Stiller.