SA Pensioners Association's Murray Bridge branch delighted by Tailem Bend Singers

The Murray Bridge branch of the SA Pensioners Association held their monthly social afternoon on October 25 at the John Dohler Hall at 1.30pm

The president gave a very warm welcome to 53 members and one visitor, Betty Coulthard.

The afternoon opened with the Song of Australia, pensioners’ prayer and our club song.

Of birthdays for November there was only one, Alice Brown, who we sang happy birthday to and gave her a card.

There were only a few apologies.

Laurel read the minutes of the meeting of September 27, and told all that the branch’s Christmas bus trip would leave the railway station car park at 9am on Friday, December 9.

Anyone whose name is not down should ring Laurel on 8532 4831 and pay at the November social afternoon, which will be a Christmas party at the John Dohler Hall at 1.30pm.

A raffle was drawn by Ian Hollick and Sue Campbell.

Winners were Joan Sanderson, Dawn Sims, Rosa Martin, Mavis Nagel and Yvonne Daniels.

An auction was conducted by Mr Hollick; thanks went to all members for their donations on the table.

The entertainment was Tailem Bend Singers, who were very good with good old songs and funny stories.

The afternoon closed with joined hands for the singing of Auld Lang Syne and God Save the Queen.

The choir was invited to have a welcome cuppa and some good food at afternoon tea.

Thank you all so much for your attendance.

See you on November 22 at 1.30pm at John Dohler Hall, 31 Swanport Road, Murray Bridge for the Christmas party, Christmas carols and some good music.