Fund My Neighbourhood: Raukkan hall, Meningie projects seek funding

Chockers: The church at Raukkan, pictured in March, overflows when funerals are held there. Photo: File.
Chockers: The church at Raukkan, pictured in March, overflows when funerals are held there. Photo: File.

The church at Raukkan, famous for being on Australia's $50 note, has been the centre of that community for generations.

After all those years, it is time for a tech upgrade.

The Raukkan Community Council is behind a proposal to wire up a projector in the hall next door, and speakers inside and out, to better equip the buildings for the community gatherings they host on a regular basis.

At present, anyone who cannot fit into the little church must sit outside, in the shade of the hall on hot days; and anyone who wants to show a film or make a presentation must bring their own screen and sound gear.

The Fund My Neighbourhood proposal "Raukkan pride", which asks for $65,000, would also enable the hall's ceiling to be replaced and the nearby gallery's walls to be restored.

Remember the postcode 5259, urges the description on the Fund My Neighbourhood website.

More good ideas

Indigenous well-being – cultural storytelling through basket weaving, Meningie

This project is aimed at providing opportunities through basket weaving workshops for one-year benefiting 113 Ngarrindjeri people at Camp Coorong and Meningie community. The second year will presents the outcome of the project through public fashion show installation, cultural ceremony, a public symposium and journal publications. This project will collaborate with young mothers, children, and elders for better results. This project is created in response to ongoing issues of inequality in accessing supports for the Indigenous community. Future benefits of this project are to maintain traditions and stories of strengthening community engagement, participation, health, well-being and heightened awareness through basket weaving.

Creating online database of Camp Coorong Cultural Museum collections, Meningie

This idea is crucial because Camp Coorong Cultural Museum collections hold more than 5000 artefacts, including historical basket weavings, generations of Ngarrindjeri old photographs, boomerangs, paintings and paper-based articles that have the historical provenance of weaving works from generations of Ngarrindjeri weavers; some weaving baskets needed immediate attention. The Camp Coorong Cultural Museum is the only Indigenous museum in regional South Australia, therefore it is critical that the collections be properly documented, archival and preserve accurately. Also, the museum has no online presence or proper database records.

Pedestrian safety improvement, Meningie

Ground work has already been done as part of the “Residents Win” program but corresponding funding from local government was not forthcoming. Wallbridge and Gilbert have plans and recommendations completed and Heath Blacker was unable to proceed due to the lack of a local government response. This project is both a local enhancement to amenities but also a safety strategy for a potentially dangerous corner frequented by walkers, including children.

Public picnic site, Meningie

There is a site on the south side of Golf Course Road, next to the water tower, with an elevated view of Lake Albert. Promoting this site would help publicise the attractiveness of Meningie and its lake. The picnic facility next to the council office is beautiful, and an alternative with a different aspect would, for little cost, use an asset that is currently bypassed by most.

Meningie skate board park

The Meningie Oval Playground support group is a sub-committee of Meningie Progress Association. We have been raising money and constructing (in stages) a playground for the children of Meningie and surrounding districts at the town oval. Stages one and two are complete and now we would like to complete stage three, which is for the older youth of Meningie, providing an active climbing net, two shelters and a skate park. The youth have been requesting a skate park for many years as they need somewhere to hang out and do outdoor activities.

Someone turn on some light over footpath, Meningie

This footpath is frequently used by locals gaining walking access into town, the nearby restaurant and museum as well as tourists staying at the nearby caravan park that enjoy a twilight walk along the lakefront. The path itself is quite dangerous during the daytime, let alone in dark hours. I suggest three to four solar lights to illuminate the pathway, and a park bench chair so walkers can stop and enjoy the sunsets. The path is between Fiebig and Warringie Roads in Meningie.

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