Powerlifters Janet Smith, Bev Morgan, of Murray Bridge, set records at GPC nationals

More records have fallen to Murray Bridge powerlifters at an event in Melbourne.

Janet Smith achieved a world record for her age and weight class at the Global Powerlifting Congress aged nationals, a Performance Training Centre event in the suburb of Carrum Downs, last month.

After deadlifting 160 kilograms on her first attempt, she managed 170.5kg – half a kilogram more than the previous world record – on her second and 180kg on her third.

The weights were chosen by her coach, Kevin Conway, without her knowing what they were.

"Kevin really put a lot of time and effort in, because he believes in me and Bev, that we can do it," she said.

She squatted 122.5kg and bench pressed 70kg for an overall result of second in the 68-75-kilogram weight class and 45-49 age group.

She will next compete at a CAPO Powerlifting competition in December, where she will go for another world record under that organisation's umbrella.

A national aged Global Powerlifting Committee event in Queensland in 2018 will then beckon on the horizon.

Australian record for Morgan

Another lifter from Murray Bridge, Bev Morgan, achieved an Australian record at the same event.

She deadlifted 155kg, a national best for the 67kg weight class and 50-54 age group.

Her squat of 105kg and bench press of 55kg, both personal bests, were enough to secure her first place in her category.