Top sides keep rolling

There were some big wins to top sides Swanport and Schools in last Saturday’s fourth round of lawn tennis. Swanport remained unbeaten after accounting for Postel by a big 14-set margin.

Swanport v Postel

The reigning premiers got away to a solid start picking up five of the six opening doubles with top gents Dave Altmann and Leigh Ryswyk escaping with a tight 9-6 win over Anthony Lapinskas and Barry Gale.

For Postel, Rob Butcher and Zach Wachtel got some lucky breaks enroute to a good 9-4 win over Will Crane and Albert Goodridge. Swanport continued their dominance winning nine of the twelve singles on offer.

Father and son duo Mick and Jacob Godden both had big wins while Will Leonard was also in good touch.

Leigh Ryswyk had a tough 9-7 win at top gent; Will Crane, for the second week in a row escaped with a tie-break win, while Albert Goodridge, Riley Morrell, Genna Harkness and Ryan Farnham battled their way to handy singles wins.

For Postel, Barry Gale had a great win over club stalwart Dave Altmann 9-6, while youngsters Kobe Allen and Connor Watson both captured impressive wins over their more accomplished opponents.

With the points already in the bag Swanport continued on their merry way capturing all but one of the reverse doubles to run out big winners 19 sets to five.

Schools v Sportsmen

Schools went on a set scoring rampage knocking off a young Sportsmen side by a whopping 20 sets.

They got off to the perfect start capturing all six opening doubles sets on offer although Tania McFee and Captain Kylie Bormann met stiff resistance from youngsters Jack Joy and Kailan Challinger before prevailing in a tie-break.

Schools dominated proceedings in the singles with Postel’s only joy, besides Tania McFee’s forfeited set to Jack Joy, coming from the racquet of young gun Ralph Catipay who survived 9-6 against big hitting Ash Temby in a great performance.

For the victors, top gent Jason Bormann survived a great battle with club champion Luke Wilson 9-7, Kym McFee, Nathan Bolt and Jason Hampel all had tough 6-4 wins while Kylie Bormann, Olivia Bolt, Tyson Mills, Tyson Bormann, Daniel Altmann and Kurtis Madigan all dominated their opponents.

Schools continued their dominance to whitewash the reverse doubles section and run out big winners 22 sets to two.


The Murray Bridge Junior lawn tennis matches on Saturday, were played in near perfect conditions.

Avoca moved into second spot after recording a good win over lower-placed Sportsmen but were only up by one set after the doubles, the closest between William Crane and Ryan Farnham for Avoca over Alex Hein and Kyle Watts 6-4.

Avoca stepped up in the singles, taking all 10.

Darcy Bald, Avoca, moving up to number two, defeated Kyle Watts 6-4. Lachlan Bald (Avoca) also recorded a 6-4 win over Jason Crouch as did Ben Stewart for Avoca over Christian Slattery.

Most valuable player for Avoca was Bella Freaney, and Christian Slattery received his team’s award.


Top team Swanport kept up their winning form with a closely contested 8-7 win over West.

West started well and were up by one set after the doubles. Lucas Young and TK Mashinge, West, had to dig deep to defeat Mikayla Godden and Ned King 6-5, as did Ethan Morrell and Brad Metcalf  over Kiara Parkinson and Alicia Hutchings.

Swanport came back in the singles, wainning six of the 10. Lucas Young,West, had another marathon in his singles against previously undefeated Mikayla Godden 6-5, and Ethan Morrell, Swanport, had to fight hard to defeat Kiara Parkinson 6-5.

Down low: Ben Hattam, Sportsmen, gets his racquet to the ball during a match against Schools at the Murray Bridge lawn courts on Saturday.

Down low: Ben Hattam, Sportsmen, gets his racquet to the ball during a match against Schools at the Murray Bridge lawn courts on Saturday.

For Swanport, Ethan Morrell received his team’s award and for West, Lucas Young was his team’s winner.

Postel got off to a good start winning three of the five doubles against Schools. Sharing the singles, the one set advantage in the doubles gave Postel the premiership points.

Alex Mundy for Schools had the closest single defeating Lucian Kerley 6-5.

Most Valuable Player for Postel was Ben Schaefer, and Alex Mundy won his team’s award.


Coorong took on lower-ranked Banks and were ahead 4-1 after the doubles. Holly Temby and Danielle Daish, Banks, stopped a clean sweep defeating Callum Thomas and Skyla Boughen, 6-5.

Thomas Kruschel and Hayden Law, Coorong, had to dig deep to defeat Henry Chewings and Roxanne Tyler 6-5. Banks stepped up in the singles taking six of the 10, but the four set to one in the doubles gave Coorong an 8-7 win.

Hamish Dow was Coorong’s Most Valuable Player, and for Banks, Zakk Bald was the recipient.


Bridge Crows v Hot Shots

Bridge Crows went out firing in the first round taking all three sets.

The closest was the ladies double contested by Lorraine Vickers and Yvonne Przibilla, Crows, against Elsie Grobler and Joy Morris. The first five games of this match all went to deuce.

Hot Shots succeeded in taking the first two games before Crows got on the board and from there on it was a close contest. Bridge Crows finally walked off with a 7-5 win.

In the second round there were two tie-breaks.

The first was the men’s top double where Crows pair Bob Hancock and Barry Griffiths held a 6-3 lead before the Hot Shots combination of Eric Baker and Peter Paech fought back strongly to force the tie break.

It was good to see Paech getting some of his old flair back after a season off. Crows eventually took the tie 7-5.

The second tie break set was between the Crows women Vickers and Jill Woolford facing Grobler and Anne Howell. This was a struggle throughout the match with both teams having the advantage at times only to lose it again, until the tie break ensued.

During the tie game Crows led 6-3 but Shots were able to again fight back to make it 6-all before Crows put away two winners to grab the tie 8-6.

The final round began with Crows leading four sets to two.

Hot Shots won their third set when, in the top mixed double, Grobler and Baker were able to hang in through another tough tie break to win it 7-3.

Griffiths and Rod Williams were able to seal the match for Bridge Crows when they won their tie break set against Paech and Robert Howell with a 8-6 tie break score.

Final scores were Bridge Crows 6-57 to Hot Shots 3-47.

Jill Woolford, Crows, was the only player to win all three sets.

River Aces v Twin Bridges

Twin Bridges started well when they won two of the first three sets. Jack Reddin and John Bryan played a strong game against Owen Morrell and Zakk Bald to win 7-4.

Michelle Saye and Lorraine Graetz managed to win their set against Val Scott and Deanna Harden.

This was the only tie break set in the entire match and came when the Bridges pair fought back strongly after  being 4-0 down.

Despite playing catch up, Bridges finally hit the front at 6-5 before going into a tie break.

There they also got in front at 6-5 before winning the vital last stroke.

Aces turned the tables and won both the top men’s double and the top ladies double in the next round so that the score was three sets all going into the final round.

In the final round the top mixed double between Aces’ Morrell and Scott challenging Reddin and Saye was an entertaining game. 

Scott was brilliant at net, returning ball after ball, and several times during long rallies all four players were volleying from mid-court. Scores were tied at 3-3 before Bridges started to edge away and finally won 7-5.

Bridges, Ben Bowman and Bryan were too strong for Ray Rossiter and Z. Bald winning 7-2.

However Bald, a junior player, was able to hold his own and used strong drives through the middle of the court as winners on several occasions.

In the final set of the day River Aces pair of  Lorraine Bald and Harden started strongly against Sharon Watson and Graetz leading 4-0, before the Bridges duo finally got their act together and began to play catch up tennis.

Once they were on track there was no stopping them and they won the next seven games to take the set 7-4.

Final match scores were Twin Bridges 6-53 to River Aces 3-47.

Two Twin Bridges players, Lorraine Graetz and John Bryan won all three of their sets.