FUND MY NEIGHBOURHOOD: Eight projects in and around Karoonda seek funding

FOR THE KIDS: Just some of the many Karoonda children who would love a skatepark and BMX track in town. Photo: Nick Grimm.
FOR THE KIDS: Just some of the many Karoonda children who would love a skatepark and BMX track in town. Photo: Nick Grimm.

In a bid to offer Karoonda’s youth extra outside activities, a group are seeking to construct a skate park and BMX facility in the heart of the Mallee. 

Karoonda mother Nicole McKenzie and several other residents submitted a Fund My Neighbourhood idea to get the project rolling, saying it was long-overdue.

“For as long as I can remember people have been talking about wanting skatepark in Karoonda,” she said. “It’s always been talked about but it’s never really been pursued, so we wanted to put it in and see how it went.”

Ms McKenzie said there was dire need for anything else to entertain the town’s youths.

“Really, the playground on the main street was great when we got it, but now most of our kids have outgrown it and only people who stop by use it,” she said. “Our kids and teenagers need something else, and this project would be it.” 

One such teenager, Luke Maxwell, said the skate park would provide much more entertainment and safety for children in the town.

“It would definitely help to get kids out of the house in a safe place,” he said. “We were talking about this in year four, so we’ve wanted it for at least five years.”  

There had been strong support for two projects in particular – the skate park and the cemetery shelter and toilet – District Council of Karoonda East Murray acting chief executive officer Katrina Fromm said. 

“Lots of parents are voting for the skate park, but many residents are also casting votes for the cemetery project,” she said. “Both would be a great asset to the town and this is our community’s chance to have a say on what they want for us.”

More good ideas

Development of a new playground within the Wynarka Recreation Reserve

The development of a new playground at the Wynarka recreation reserve will increase social interaction and inclusion for many families located within the isolated rural town.

The project includes purchase of new play equipment plus the relocation of several items of existing items to a safer location away from the road and closer to our community hire facility.

The enhancement to the recreation precinct will it them more attractive for use by the public but also for hire which brings outside dollars into the local community. Travelling families will also benefit as the area can be utilised as a rest.

Providing shelter and toilet facilities for our cemetery

The Karoonda Cemetery is located on a hill on the outskirts of town in a very windy area. The cemetery lacks shelter for the grieving and visiting of the passed.

Providing toilet facilities and shelter with storage area will allow patrons to escape the inclement weather and access toilet amenities within the cemetery.

Currently the cemetery does not have a toilet and has very limited shelter. With an ageing community the cemetery is a very important facility to our locals.

Developing the Ponderosa Reserve into a family friendly space

Our dream is to develop the park and reserve zoned space in the Ponderosa housing estate in Karoonda.

This area has so much potential and many young families live close by. Its currently not being utilised. The reserve already features the water element as there is a storm water catchment.

We would love to see a wetland type reserve landscaped with native plantings, walkways, lawned areas and a nature playground.

Nature play has been largely researched in recent times and is incredibly beneficial in developing young bodies and minds. We can't wait to see this space come to life!

Modernisation of the Karoonda Oval Scoreboard

The Karoonda Oval is a multi-use facility and the modernisation of the scoreboard will benefit many clubs and organisations. The oval is utilised by major functions such as the Karoonda Farm Fair, Merino Field Days, local football, netball and cricket.

The scoreboard will also be used to promote sponsors in and around the district. The modernisation of the scoreboard will reduce the physical labour of volunteers and allow them to work in a safe environment.

Capturing and preserving the heritage of our Mallee Pioneers

This project is about preserving the local history of the pioneer settlers in the Karoonda-East Murray council area.

It involves the rationalization and rehabilitating of the Karoonda Pioneer Park that was established in the early 1980's and has become neglected due to lack of community interest. This park currently comprises some old buildings that have been re-erected and displays of old farm machinery.

These older buildings include the original Wynarka Methodist Church, Hood's Homestead, the Mindarie Pump Shed and General Store. We would like funding for signage and interior fittings to display exhibits in a new shed that constructed.

Light up Main Street garden area and metal tree structures

Christmas needs to be celebrated with festivities within a country town to celebrate coming together and as a social gathering.

The town is lacking festive spirit when the season should be jolly and about fun for the local people and visitors. Karoonda town is en-route to the much celebrated Loxton Lights, so this could be a way of promoting Karoonda as a place to stop and enjoy the Christmas spirit on offer.

The lights would be seen while Christmas Carols are sung at the Big Ram location, which is currently the only Christmas celebration in Karoonda for the townspeople.

Keep yourself and your pets re-hydrated in Karoonda

Encourage locals to walk daily with the family pet on the pedestrian walking trail from the Shuttle Screens in the Main Street parking area, to the local tourist attraction, Pioneer Park.

This area covers approximately one kilometre, one way. The trail walk at Pioneer Park is a further one kilometre. With signage, travellers can stop and walk to refresh themselves and their pet as a majority of grey nomads are travelling with their best friend, the family dog.

The locals would benefit from the general exercise helping with their well being and allowing social interaction within our community.

Voting closes Monday November 20.