Fund My Neighbourhood: Wellington hall needs work, among projects at Jervois, Tailem Bend, Coonalpyn

Almost everyone in the Wellington area would visit the town's hall a few times a year: for the strawberry fete, for Anzac Day, to vote in elections.

Like almost all country halls, the years have begun to take their toll, and there are problems a coat of paint cannot fix.

But the progress association hopes to solve them all in one sweep, with an application for an $87,000 Fund My Neighbourhood grant that will be decided by a popular vote.

Progress vice president Warwick Digby said more people would be able to use the hall if its kitchen, toilets and interior were up to scratch.

"The ceiling, besides the fact we've got one or two leaks, all needs replacing because it's all the old hair-and-pasta stuff," he said.

"We want to put in a new ceiling, lighting, fans.

"We've got quotes for three split-system air conditioners, that was $16,000, $18,000 just there ... it adds up."

The association has been able to scrimp and save here and there, picking up items such as a used bay marie from an auction house for a tiny fraction of its original cost, but that can only go so far.

"On Anzac Day we've got a service here bigger than most country towns," Mr Digby said.

"People from Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend prefer to come here because it's a lot more personal; older people like to come here because they say 'local people talk to us'.

"We did 105, 107 last year.

"But the stove: two hotplates don't work, the griller doesn't work."

Perhaps most concerning on those big days is the fact there is only one women's toilet, one men's and a urinal, and none designed for people with a disability.

The association's plan is to get a prefabricated block that can sit alongside the main building.

More good ideas

Race it, Tailem Bend

Tailem Bend will soon be home to The Bend Motorsport Park, a multi-million-dollar race track, attracting thousands of people. A town entry statement like an astonishing sculpture of hands holding a steering wheel - one coming out of each side of the highway, steering wheel above - will make people stop and take photos of it; it will be a famous landmark, one of its kind in Australia. This will have a positive effect on visitors and locals alike, enabling them to do more within their own town, shops and other public spaces, moving towards motorsports branding and place-making.

Dickson Reserve pontoon, Tailem Bend

Dickson Reserve is one of the very few places in Tailem Bend where the community has direct access to the riverbank. The pontoon will allow community members to safely launch watercraft such as canoes, kayaks and rowing boats. It will provide an area where the whole community can engage in water sports and learn important river skills. It is a vital link with the river that will not only give the local school an opportunity to participate in water sports but can also be used to promote river and water safety and encourage health and fitness through water sports.

Maintenance of the Jervois Hall for the future generations

Enhance the appearance of the hall for the continuing use by the following community groups: Jervois school, darts club, ballroom dancing, CWA. Wedding receptions, birthday parties and market days have also been held.

Jervois Sporting Club playground at the heart of our community

Jervois Combined Sporting Club provides facilities for football, netball, cricket and tennis as well as providing a venue for community and private use, including by the local school and other functions. The grounds are always open for public use and are the hub of the community. An upgrade of the playground would be a valuable asset to the facility which is used by many families with small children. A playground is a great addition to provide a family friendly venue with facilities to suit a variety of ages. This addition will enhance the club's family friendly reputation, ideally to increase its membership.

Long Story Short, Coonalpyn

All communities have great storytellers: in our families, our workplaces, our sporting clubs. They make us laugh or pull our legs, but they also make us think, help us remember the past and remind us to live in the present. Now the story begins. We need votes and money to turn our local stories into audio and visual artworks to animate the Dukes, Mallee and Princes Highways. This unique community arts project connects men, artists and communities, creating a trail of curious tales for travellers against the beautiful panoramic backdrop of the Coorong region. Vote now to share our Coorong escapades!

Vibrant mural to rejuvenate the old Tintinara Railway Station building

This project will provide a vibrant, art-driven rejuvenation to the old railway station building/Tintinara Heart of the Parks, providing an uplifting focal point for locals and tourists visiting the centre of the town. Having an bold new mural will bring more traffic off the Dukes Highway and into the town, while also using a local artist. Tintinara Heart of the Parks provides a tourism focal point, an outlet for tourist information, local produce art and craft, and is the only outlet with Dukes Highway frontage providing this service and is run entirely by volunteers.

Deepening Lake Indawarra, Tintinara

Lake Stink, as Lake Indawarra was once known, has been transformed over the last decade, by the dedicated efforts of local community members, groups, local government and area school students, into a beautiful swimming hole and campsite. Healthy areas of the lake now have water clarity of more than four metres, providing habitat for gudgeon, stonewort, watermat, damselflies, shrimp, snails and boatmen. Unfortunately one corner of the lake still needs work, as it requires a longer reach excavator. This application is to hire the required equipment and operator, along with the installation of rocks, gabions and plantings to reduce sedimentation in the future.

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