Tailem Bend Monday Memories monthly meetings

Angie Tomkinson
Angie Tomkinson

Held on the last Monday of every month, the Tailem Bend Historians take great pleasure in hosting their regular "Monday Memories" morning teas at the Tailem Bend Community Library.

With people of all ages attending, Tailem Bend Historians (TBH) Secretary/Treasurer, Angie Tomkinson of Wellington East, meticulously collects precious historic information while chatting over a cup of tea and dipping homemade cookies.

"We have a wonderful time, it's so fascinating to hear what people have to say about their Tailem Bend lives and experiences," Angie said.

"We have a huge historic image library and we're currently working on our historic document collection."

It's so fascinating to hear what people have to say about their lives and experiences.

Angie Tomkinson

The TBH are actively collecting data and producing their own digital memoirs of local characters for prosperity, website and Facebook posts.

"We have a growing list of local personalities lining up to be digitally recorded,” Angie said.

“It's brilliant seeing our older residents making the time to have their stories captured for eternity, on little moving and talking clips.

With many historic projects on the boil, all being managed by small sub committees, the TBH are currently looking to raise funds to have the empty windows north of Foodland decorated with impressive historic Tailem Bend images.

If you would like to financially support this initiative, please give TBH Glenn Power a call on 0413 645 099.

If you feel like a chat or you have something historic to share, drop into the next "Monday Memories" at the Tailem Bend Community Library on November 27 at 10am.