Enterprising family – The Beauchamp story

In 1915 insufficient milk supply was coming from the Adelaide Plains area.

The Beauchamp brothers had milk rounds in Adelaide, but found it difficult to get sufficient milk.

Wanting to receive more business from the dairies along the river, Mr Harry Baker Beauchamp and his brothers built the milk factory on the riverfront at Murray Bridge, known as Beauchamp Bros and by 1917 they had the first motorised milk delivery truck in South Australia.

The milk came from dairies along the river: Woods Point, Monteith and Mypolonga were the main areas.

Boats carried the milk in ten gallon cans to the factory where it was pasteurised and cooled.

The milk was then put into 150 gallon wooden barrels and taken by train to Adelaide.

The fresh milk not required in Adelaide was made into cheese in Murray Bridge; the procedure went on until 1938.

Harry and his wife Judith opened Beauchamp’s Café in Bridge Street, Murray Bridge on January 10, 1940.

They also managed the kiosk at the river front which was owned by the town council.

Harry died at his home in Edwards Street in 1943, leaving Judith to run the business.

In 1947 Harry Jnr went into business with his mother in the delicatessen.

Beauchamp’s Deli, in Bridge Street, Murray Bridge opened a modern dining room in the 1950s offering  three-course meals.

In September 1956, Harry opened Beauchamp’s Shoe Store; John Beauchamp his son started selling shoes in the family business in 1974.

The Beauchamp stores no longer operate due to the changing economics in the area.

Who can remember their famous raspberry coke spiders on a hot summer’s day from the deli, or going next door to have your school shoes especially fitted, as they had to last the year or be passed down to the next sibling, should you grow out of them.

The Beauchamp business name lived on for 102 years, what an achievement.

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