CAMBRAI PRIMARY: Cambrai students love their pool

Any warm lunchtime of the week you will find the Cambrai pool alive with happy, wet children from kindy to year seven.

Beating the heat

When normally children would be confined to their classrooms at break time because of the heat, they go to the pool to cool down.

The students have become very quick at changing and the older children help the younger tie their shoes.

Staying safe

Cambrai Primary has included special sun huts to be worn in the water as part of their uniform and the children are all very conscious of being sun safe.

The growth in the children’s confidence and swimming ability is amazing!

Learning to swim is a big part of the school’s PE program.

All the children and families agree we are very lucky to have the pool right next to the school.

They are also grateful to have the support of the Mid Murray Council, who provide a life guard.