Postal get schooled

EYES ON THE BALL: Swanport's Ryan Farnham sending a shot back over the net. Photo: William Bailey.

EYES ON THE BALL: Swanport's Ryan Farnham sending a shot back over the net. Photo: William Bailey.


Schools vs Postal

Schools got away to a solid start winning five of the six opening doubles sets with Jason Hampel and Duane Hollitt surviving a tough tiebreak encounter against their younger opponents in Kobe Allen and Jack Lannan. 

Postel’s only joy came when top pairing Anthony Lapinskas and Hermann Magerkorth snuck home against Jason Bormann and Alf Temby.

The singles section was more evenly contested with Postel claiming five of the top seven sets while Schools lower order dominated winning the bottom five sets.

Postel’s top gent Anthony Lapinskas had a good win as did his deputy Herman Magerkorth at number two.

Youngsters Aidan Morrell and Kobe Allen had confidence building wins while Zach Wachtel scored a solid in over lefty Tony Juergens.

For Schools, Kym McFee shook off a determined David Konitzka. Captain Kylie Bormann got bragging rights over former teammate Rob Butcher while Duane Hollitt, Dan Altmann, Brooke Hampel, Kate Barnes and Alex Hein all contributed with handy wins.

With Schools needing one set from the remaining six reverse doubles to ensure the points they cruised to victory by capturing five of these final sets to run out ten set winners.

Swanport vs Sportsmen

With Sportsmen down to only eight players two of Swanport’s side went across to play for the opposition to enable a match of ten players per side.

It was a reasonably even start with the Swannies edging ahead by a set after the five early doubles were completed thanks to a tight tiebreak win by Dave Altmann and youngster Will Crane at top double. 

 Sportsmen’s Conway Johnson and Holly Temby won a tight 9-7 encounter in the fifth double. Swanport took charge, winning all but two of the sets contested.

Kelvin Farnham and Holly Temby halted the Swanport onslaught with both players recording tight wins while for the victors Genna Harkness, Heather Richards, Mandy Lindner, Jack Daniels, Will Crane and Matt Lindner claimed easy wins.

Dave Altmann was made to work hard before overcoming a dogged Jason Schulz 9-6 while Will Leonard prevailed in his single against teammate Albert Goodridge 7-5.

With the points safely in the Swannies keeping Sportsmen again were able to pick up two of the five reverse doubles sets to go down in the end by eight sets.


The Murray Bridge Junior lawn tennis matches on Saturday, were played under cloud cover, which kept temperatures bearable.

Coorong moved into second spot after recording a good win over lower placed West and took all four doubles, the closest being between Tyson Bormann and Lachie Thomas for Coorong over Conner Watson and Lachlan Young, scraping home in a tie breaker.

Coorong kept up in their winning form in the singles, taking six of the eight on offer. Callum Thomas for Coorong had to fight hard to defeat Lucas Young 6-5. Stopping a clean sweep, Lucy Dow for West defeated Skyla Boughen 6-4, and Kiara Parkinson, also West had to dig deep to best Rosie Vowles 6-5.

Murraylands took on Schools and won all the doubles on offer. Top pairing Kobe Allen and Luke Crouch for Murraylands had a tough tussle with Aidan Morrell and Riley Pearce, winning 7-5.

Riley Pearce for Schools got his revenge in the singles with another close result 7-5 over Luke Crouch. Harry Lovell for Murraylands, also had a close match, winning 6-5 over James Hand.

For Murraylands, Millie Daniels received her team’s award and for Schools, Aidan Morrell was his team’s winner.

Postel got off to a good start winning three of the five doubles against Avoca. The top three doubles were all closely contested.

Daniel Altmann and Jack Lannan for Postel won in a tie breaker against Will Crane and Ryan Farnham, Ben Schaefer and Henry Turner, also Postel, defeated Darcy and Lachlan Bald 6-5.

Winning the other 6-5 double, Lachlan Daniels and Bailey Morrell, Avoca had a hard match against Coen Martin and Jess turner. Sharing the singles, the one set advantage in the doubles gave Postel the win.

Four of the singles had a 6-5 score, Darcy Bald, Avoca over Ben Schaefer, Bailey Morrell, also Avoca over Jess Turner. Henry Turner for Postel over Lachlan Bald, and Portia Marchetti, also Postel, over Bella Freaney.

Banks  took on lower ranked Sportsmen and were behind two to three after the doubles.

Banks stepped up in the singles taking six of the ten on offer, two of which had a 6-5 score, Roxanne Tyler for Banks over Taj Rowe, and Brad Metcalf, also Banks over Lexie Buick.


Twin Bridges vs Hot Shots

Hot Shot’s Eric Baker played the shot of the season when he ran from the base line to get a drop shot at net and hit a short cross court winner.

Ben Bowman was on fire, covering the whole court and making it difficult for the opposition to hit winners.

After a long hard slog Twin Bridges finally won the set 7-5.

The top ladies double went Hot Shots way 7-4, with Elsie Grobler and Anne Howell playing too well for Michelle Saye and Sharon Watson who just couldn’t get their act together.

Tthe mixed double was between Bridges, John Bryan and Lorraine Graetz facing Shots pair Robert Howell and Joy Morris. Everyone lost their first serve before players settled and began to play well. Although the scores remained close, Bridges were playing catch up throughout the set.

With the score at 3-5, Bridges dug deep and fought back to force a tiebreak. Once again it was Shots leading the way until finally with the tie score at six all Bridges were able to win two in a row and walk off with a 8-6 tie break score.

In the second round of matches all three sets went Bridges way although two were close and a tough battle at 7-5. This meant that the final round began with Bridges already having the required five sets for a win.

Hot Shots were able to stay strong in the mixed double between Bowman and Watson, Bridges against Rod Williams and Anne Howell, Shots, walking off with a 7-5 win.

The reverse ladies doubles saw Bridges Saye and Graetz prove too strong for Grobler and Morris, winning 7-3. Final scores were Twin Bridges seven sets 58 games to Hot Shots two sets 46 games.

Community Club vs River Aces

Although the final sets tally was close in this match there were some big, easy individual match wins during this contest.

In the first round Barry Noye, playing his first match for the season and Kevin Prosser struggled to get it together against Aces, Owen Morrell and Barry Griffiths who walked off with a surprising win of 7-1.

In a complete reversal the next set saw Community Clubs Mark Scott and Yvonne Przibilla walk off with a 7-0 win.

The top ladies double looked to be a closer match to spectators, with some long rallies but it was Club’s Lorraine Vickers and Lynette Bald who held the upper hand, winning 7-3 against Val Scott and Kathy Pfeiffer.

The top mixed double contested between Club’s Noye and Sullivan and Morrell and V Scott also had good passages of play but Aces were too strong, winning 7-4. The next two sets in round two both had a score of 7-2 with Club winning the men’s double and Aces winning the ladies.

The closest match was the final mixed double where Aces pair, Kathy Pfeiffer and Barry Griffiths hung on in a long set to win 7-5 over Kevin Prosser and Lyn Bald. Community club won five sets 47 games to River Aces four sets 38 games.