Tougher going for racers as market rally reverses


Angie Ellis of 80 20 Investments holds on to first spot in week three of the four-week Shares Race, despite her total portfolio value falling.

Her star pick, DigitalX, lost some momentum this week, with her original $10,000 in the stock now worth $31,250 from $37,500 last week.

DigitalX is a facilitator of overseas money transfers using digital currencies.

Another of Ellis' best performers, Australian Mines, is also down, reducing her total portfolio value to $139,546 from $150,142 last week.

Our tipsters have not been helped by the sharemarket finishing the week, which for the Shares Race is the close on Thursday, at about 5950 points after lifting above 6000 points for the first time since the global financial crisis.

Richard Pritchard, who plays as the Chartist, has snatched second place from the Dartboard after his pick, Cann Group, lifted to $22,695 from $16,312 last week. Cann Group undertakes research and cultivation of cannabis for human medical uses.

Another of Pritchard's picks, Titomic, which uses 3D printing to bring speed and scale to "metal additive manufacturing", has performed well, rising to $23,529 from $18,824 last week.

Pritchard's total portfolio value is now $129,277 from $120,037 last week.

The Dartboard is not help by the fact that its two best performers, DigitalX and De Grey, which is a West Australian miner that explores for base and precious metals, both lost value.

The Shares Race is a fantasy shares game. Contestants start with $100,000 across 10 stocks.

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