Table gets a shake up

SMOOTH: Jervois' Shawn Hicks asedning a bowl down the green on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.
SMOOTH: Jervois' Shawn Hicks asedning a bowl down the green on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Division One

A couple of eye catching positional changes came out of this round that dramatically hit sides that were not that long ago riding high on the ladder.

Bridge White had the bye and that was the main reason the side dropped from third to sixth. Jervois with a maximum points win moved up a notch to third.

Mannum although comprehensively beaten remains second, the prime mover however was Tailem Bend moving from second bottom to fourth position.

Bridge Blue picked up 10 points at Karoonda and comfortably holds top spot.

Skipper of the round is Blue’s Bruce Attrill, the super veteran got his team over the line by 17 shots in a danger game at Karoonda.

Tailem Bend vs RSL

Tailem Bend hosted the Murray Bridge RSL on well groomed greens and surrounds. Three ex-Eagles were coming back home for the first time and were ready for a hostile reception on the greens (and a few laughs after the game).

In what was a battle of two halves the local side just managed to hold on by three shots to a rampaging RSL team.

Sam Shepherd took on Gary Daniels in a seesawing tussle. This game really was about two halves of bowls.

The highly-anticipated battle was between young-gun Travis Schonke and the ex-patriot and club champion Mike Bristow at third.

Tailem started like a train going through their town with Brian Leckie on lead really setting up the ends with powerful lead bowling early to take Sam out to a strong eight-one lead after four ends.

Shepherd was able to capitalise on the excellent heads being set up and by half time the Tailem rink had a handy 15-five break.

Things continued after the half time break for the next eigth ends with Bertie Trewren starting to get form on the lead but the locals still were going along smoothly to be up 24/11 after 19 ends.

Then the RSL boys lifted with Trewren, Wooldridge, Bristow and skip Grizzly really putting pressure on the Tailem rink.

With the Eagle boys feeling the pressure, their bowling suffered and RSL were smelling an upset. To RSL's credit they won the last six ends to go down by one shot in and entertaining finish to a great contest. Final score, 24/23.   

RSL’s new recruit Stuart Keogh took on the ex state player - Tailem’s Duane "Scooby" Edwards.

This game had another battle with Ann-Marie Kuchel and Glenda Shepherd on lead providing each skip with good starts throughout the game.

Once again the locals were up comfortably at the halfway mark 18/5 with Millard and Thorne providing good support to Edwards.

To the RSL team’s credit they hung in their and with the experienced Trevor Pevic, playing third, starting to work with new skip ’Panda” Keogh, they were able to win the second half of the game but still go down 29/19.

Tailem’s Merv Stevens took on Noel Kneebone’s rink and started confidently to take on a seven-three lead after six ends. This game really was about the Karen Kneebone’s leading throughout.

Her battle with association player, Col Baxter, was enthralling to watch as both players were battling for drawing supremacy.

Kneebone shone in the pressure and was able to consistently provide good starts for the RSL side.

Without either side’s following players able to change the lead battle much all day, it was up to the Tailem Bend skipper Merv Stevens to save or convert heads to keep the game alive.

His draw bowling proved to be a thorn in the RSL side and his efforts probably helped the faultering Tailem team win overall. However his efforts weren’t enough to keep Noel Kneebone’s rink from winning 29/21.

Tailem ended up taking the win by three shots overall, but RSL can certainly hold their head high with their continued resilience and never say die culture becoming an expectation at the club.

Both sides however would need to find more consistency in their rinks to be of any threat to the top four sides.

FOCUS: Jervois' Graham Fromm keeping his eye on the prize on Saturday.

FOCUS: Jervois' Graham Fromm keeping his eye on the prize on Saturday.

Mannum vs Jervois

Mannum hosted Jervois in good conditions at the riverside rinks. This was an important game for both sides and it proved to be a good contest all day.

Russell Schutz, David Kempe, Len Gommers and Graham Schenke started with a two on the first end with Peter Wegener, Chris Mundie, Ian Windebank and Stephen Gregory hitting back with a four.

The next four ends was an arm wrestle with Schutz taking a four shot lead at end seven. Wegener then grabbed a three and it was game on till the break. Only one shot separated the sides at end 13.

Wegener came out firing after drinks and picked up six shots but then Schutz came back again by winning the next seven ends to take a 10 shot lead. Wegener drew within five shots with two ends to go but Schutz held on to win by five shots in what was a great game.

Graham Fromm, Rodger Zarantonello, Dereck Vanderzon and Shawn Hicks began brilliantly against Lynton Jones, Garry Fowler, Ron Van Tijn and Trevor Dicker and lead 12 shots to two by end six.

Jones picked up a valuable three, but Fromm hit back with another eight shots by end nine, leading 20 to five.

It threatened to be a one sided game but Jones’ crew dug in and picked up seven shots to make it 12 to 20, before Fromm grabbed a three to make it 23 to 12.

Jones’ mob came out after drinks and certainly showed some pride by scoring a five, dropped a four then won seven of the next eight ends to move within fiveshots.

They ran out of ends and Fromm won the last end by two shots winning an entertaining match by seven shots.

Greme Herbert, Garry Mason, Denis Hicks and Martin Beaumont started the game against Graham Wakefield, Richard Symons, Denise Barnes and Maurie Davey with two singles on the first two ends, Wakefield won the next two ends for three shots.

Herbert then hit back by winning seven of the next eight ends to pull away 15 shots to four.

Wakefield got back into the game with six shots over the next three ends to draw within five shots, but then Herbert put the foot down by racking up 10 shots over the next five ends to pull away 25 to 13. 

The last six ends saw Wakefield close the gap but not enough seeing Herbert win by eight shots. 

It was a quality match overall by two good sides and it shows that the competition is alive and well in the Lower Murray Bowling Association.

Division Two

Mannum top and Jervois Black second have cleared away from the rest of the field 17 points ahead of Bridge Red and Bridge Green both separated by percentage with Jervois Red the only one left in the running.

Jervois Black is the season big improver with another maximum points win with John Obst, Owen Allen and Ted Roberts getting their teams making it an overall win by 23 shots against Meningie.

Jervois Red had much the same result in the clash with Karoonda, skippers Tim Hicks, David Graham and Kevin Spinks all did enough to get the side up by 24 shots.

Mannum vs Jervois

Tailem Bend hosted top side Mannum in humid conditions at Tailem Bend. 

Most pundits thought this game would be a danger one for Mannum having to travel and missing some key players from last year’s premiership side, but the top side showed why they are top with a dominant performance winning overall by 47 shots . 

Jerry Pannell, Phil Mobbs, Duck Evans and Heather Sexton lead the way for Mannum and won by an impressive 23 shots in what turned out to be a one sided game.

In an interesting game, Mike Pethick, Zulu Leathers, Grant Bormann and Max Greer proved too strong for Kevin Griffiths, Matt Hogan, Brayden Gregory and Rob Hughes winning the game which was a story of two halves. 

Pethick dominated the first half and went in to the break leading by 20 shots, but Griffiths crew fought back well in the second half to cut back the margin, to eventually go down by 13 shots. 

Tommy Towns, Di Leathers, Susie Jones and Steve Wilkinson had a great match against Peter Connolly, Steve Gordge, Kevin McDonald and Scott Chandler with only three shots separating the sides by end 17. 

Towns knuckled down and won the last four ends winning the game by 11 shots.

Murray Bridge Green vs Murray Bridge 

In Division 2 at Murray Bridge on Saturday under perfect conditions the two Murray Bridge teams met in the local derby, with Red being selected as the favourite.

Kurt Weinmann of Green was drawn against Alan Kennedy of Red. Kennedy started the first end with a seven and after four ends lead 10-3. 

Through the middle stages of the game Weinmann’s rink mounted a strong challenge with the scores level at 13 apiece at the drinks break.

Kennedy’s rink struggled to stay in touch until picking up a five on the eighteenth end to once again tie the scores at 20 apiece. Weinmann won two of the last three ends to eventually win the game 24-21.

Brian Welch of Green, pitted against David White, needed a big lift from his team as they had struggled for the past couple of weeks. 

He got the result, dominating the middle stages of the game, to be leading 24-8 after 16 ends.

Welch conceded four of the last five ends to hang on for a convincing win 25-13. Welch, himself played what he described as the best game of his career in leading the team to victory.

Green’s John Pohl with yet another revamped rink drew Red’s Barry Kirchner. Kirchner’s rink completely dominated the first half of the game to be leading 21-4 after thirteen ends. Only Pohl’s leader, Peter Train offered any resistance.

After the break, the game turned around completely with Pohl’s rink only conceding one shot in the last eight ends. Kirchner eventually won 22-17.

Had Pohl not shifted the Jack on the sixteenth end when holding six, to pick up only a single, the result may have been entirely different.

Bridge Green came out on top in the derby, winning 66-56 shots, gaining 10 points.

Division Three

This continues to be a very tight competition with all being close at the top of the ladder, Bridge Green is the leader at the forefront of Mannum Green on percentage, six points away is Mannum Gold ahead of Jervois by 2 points.

Just outside the four is Karoonda then comes RSL, Meningie and Tailem Bend with quite a bit of catching up to do.

Tailem Bend chalked up its first win of the season with wins on both rinks by an overall margin of 29 shots against Karoonda.

Gary Beauglehall got the jump on John Wooldridge but trailed by two shots on the seventh end, from there it was all Tailem winning nine of the next 10 ends scoring 25 shots to a single. Karoonda put on seven shots to two in the run home but the result at the finish was a 17 shot winning margin. 

Tailem’s Ruth Cross and Carlene Schulz went neck and neck for the first seven ends but it was the Tailem team that broke away from there to lead by 10 shots on the 14 th end. Over the final 7 ends the teams scored 5 shots each leaving Tailem at the end by 10 shots.

RSL got a little bit closer to the four with a stirring one shot win over Jervois at Jervois. R. Jones made it by two shots over John Atkins, and for Jervois Greg “The Man” Miller made it by a solitary shot over Greg. Thomas.

Mannum Gold vs Murray Bridge

In a very close game at Mannum, the visiting side Murray Bridge won overall by five shots. 

Warwick Hack, Jeff Tonkin, Kevin Markham and Ko Bakker beat Pam Bormann, Kaye Hall, Helen Wakefield and Dave Wilson by two shots with David Trevorrow, Sue Smart, Graham Coulter and Dean Woolford getting up against Beryl Brandle, Betty Dunstan, Barry Maloney and Marianne Lawson by a margin of seven shots.

Meningie vs Mannum Green

Mannum made the trip to the lakeside town and came home good winners with one rink up and one rink down,. 

The scores told the story with Mannum’s Peter McAvaney, Bob Hughes, Chris Thomas and Dennis Hughes beating Meningie’s Robert Warnes, Marg Little, Kay Jarmyn and Ben Lehmann by 31 shots. 

Meningie’s Glen Andrews, Syd Greig, Peter Koltz and Danny Kennedy were too good for Mannum’s Trevor Frahn, Pam Eichler, Frank Dite and Jeff Eichler winning by eight shots, seeing Mannum winning overall by 23 shots.