Murraylands sporting results

LISTENING: Jim Freak Coaching: Louise Burns, Graham Searle, Brett Edson and Curtis Brown. Photo: Supplied.
LISTENING: Jim Freak Coaching: Louise Burns, Graham Searle, Brett Edson and Curtis Brown. Photo: Supplied.

Hard Court Tennis

Mannum Green vs Lutheran Red

In overcast conditions, with some slight drizzle early on, Mannum Green hosted Lutheran Red.

Mannum won three out of the four doubles matches, with Lutheran’s Jordan and Brayden Hein winning the top double, by playing some assertive tennis from net and making the most of their shots.

Mannum’s Amali Barker and Thomas Chadwick won their first doubles match for the season, as did Lachlan Treloar and Jasmine Chadwick in the fourth double.

Treloar and Chadwick won in a close match 6-5 over first gamers and fill in players Noah Horstmann and Austin Woodgate.

For Lutheran, Jordan Hein, Brayden Hein and Brock Kowald won their matches easily, 6-1. First gamer, Noah Horstmann also won his match 6-2.

Two set winners for Mannum were Matt Craig and Jasmine Chadwick, winning 6-1 whilst Brock Treloar won 6-0. Thomas Chadwick won his first game of the season, 6-2.

It came down to the last match but Mannum Green just got over the line to defeat Lutheran Rd, 7 sets to 5, with only four games the difference.

Mypolonga vs Lutheran Blue

On completion of the doubles, scores were two sets each. Three of the sets had 9:7 score lines, while Mypo’s John Owens and Roger Head combined for a 9:5 win against Matthew Ahrens and Amekia Rigney in the first double.

The singles competition was also close, and involved three tie-break sets.

Lutheran’s Andrew Ahrens made a strong start against Matthew Goldsmith, taking a 4:2 lead. Goldsmith worked hard to eventually bring the score to five games-all. Ahrens again took an early lead in the tie-break, only to see Goldsmith clinch the set for Mypo, 7:5 in the breaker.

Mypo oldie Orrin Newby played Lutheran youngster Jordan Hein in another long set. Hein had a comfortable lead early in the tie-break, before Newby steadied to take the tie-break 7:5.

Lutheran won the third tie-break with Yvonne Mach eventually defeating Mypo’s Leeann Jones. After being down three games to five, Mach forced the tie-break which she won seven points to five.

In the first single, John Owens took the lead three games to two, before Matthew Ahrens showed his consistency and mobility to win the next four games and the set, 6:3.

Roger Head defeated Amekia Rigney 6:1 in a hard-hitting match, and Theo Weinmann made amends for his doubles loss with a 6:2 win against Mark Stiller.

Young Brayden Hein competed well against Lutheran’s experienced Ernie Ahrens, with Ahrens winning 6:3. Rosemary Daish, for Mypo, and Cindy Hein played yet another close set, with Hein successful 6:4.

With each team winning four singles, the match finished at six sets each, with Mypolonga gaining a win by just four games. Mypolonga six sets 71 games, Lutheran Blue six sets 67 games.

Lawn Tennis



DOUBLES: J.Bormann and A.Temby v D.Altmann and L.Ryswyk 6-9; N.Bolt and K.Bormann v J.Daniels and W.Crane 9-5; O.Bolt and T.Juergens v M.Lindner and A.Goodridge 5-9; T.Bormann and D and GT Altmann v R.Morrell and W.Leonard 9-6; A.Hein and D.Hein v H.Richards and M.Lindner 9-6; K.Barnes and K.Madigan v G.Harkness and L.Harkness 9-3

SINGLES: J.Bormann v L.Ryswyk 6-9; A.Temby v D.Altmann 5-9; N.Bolt v W.Crane 6-0; K.Bormann v J.Daniels 3-6; O.Bolt v M.Lindner 9-7; T.Juergens v A.Goodridge 0-6; T.Bormann v R.Morrell 3-6; D.Altmann v W.Leonard 6-4; A.Hein v M.Lindner 6-2; D.Hein v H.Richards 6-4; K.Barnes v G.Harkness 6-2; K.Madigan v L.Harkness 2-6

REVERSE DOUBLES: J.Bormann and N.Bolt v D.Altmann and J.Daniels 6-1; A.temby and K.Bormann v L.Ryswyk and W.Crane 0-6; O.Scholz and T.Bormann v M.Lindner and R.Morrell 4-6; T.Juergens and D.Altmann v A.Goodridge and W.Leonard 3-6; A.Hein and K.Barnes v H.Richards and G.Harkness 4- 6; D.Hein and K.Madigan v M.Lindner and L.Harkness 3-6


DOUBLES: J.Schulz and P.Marks v A.Lapinskas and A.Morrell 9-8; J.Joy and K.Challinger 6-9; B.Hattam and L.Crouch v T.Daniel and C.Waechter 4-9; C.Johnson and H.Temby v J.Lannan and C.Watson 1-9; N.King and J.Crouch v TK.Mashinge and Z.Bald 9-5

SINGLES: J.Schulz v A. Lapinskas 0-9; P.Marks v A. Morrell 9-7; J.Joy v R.Butcher 1-6; K. Challinger v D.Crouch 1-6; B. Hattam v T.Daniel 4-6; L.Crouch v C. Waechter 3-6; C.Johnson v J.Lannan 0-6; H.Temby v C.Watson 1-6; N.King v TK Mashinge 7-5; J.Crouch v Z.Bald 7-6

REVERSE DOUBLES: J.Schulz and J.Joy v A.Lapinskas and R.Butcher 6-2; P.Marks and K. Challinger v A.Morrell and D.Crouch 6-2; B.Hattam and C.Johnson v T.Daniel and J.Lannan 6-4; L.Crouch and N.King v C.Waechter and TK Mashinge 6-2; H.Temby and J.Crouch v C.Watson and Z.Bald 6-4


Coorong 10-70 def Swanport 2-30


T Bormann and L Thomas v A Morrell and C Thomas 6-3; R Daniel and S Boughen v N King and N Hughes 6-1; H Dow and H Law v L King and B Lienert 6-0; A Hutchings and R Vowles v E Morrell and E Cooper 5-6


T Bormann v A Morrell 5-7; L Thomas v C Thomas 6-0; R Daniel v N King 6-1; S Boughen v N Hughes 6-5; H Dow v L King 6-0; H Law v B Lienertl 6-0; A Hutchings v E Morrell 6-2; R Vowles v E Cooper 6-5

Banks 9-72 def Postel 6-60


K Challinger and B Morrell v D Altmann and J Lannan 6-3; H Temby and D Daish v B Schaefer and H Turner 6-2; Z Bald and B Hobbs-Dunning v C Martin and J Turner 6-5; H Chewings and K Jarvis v A Law and L Kerley 6-2; J Metcalf  and L Buick v L Henry and B Freaney 2-6


K Challinger v D Altmann 6-2; B Morrell v J Lannan 1-6; H Temby v B Schaefer 6-3; D Daish v H Turner 6-5; Z Bald v C Martin 3-6; B Hobbs-Dunning v J Turner 4-6; H Chewings v A Law 6-1; K Jarvis v L Kerley 6-1; J Metcalf v L Henry 4-6; L Buick v B Freaney 4-6 Avoca 8-57 def Murraylands 4-46


W Crane and D Bald v J Willis and L Crouch 6-4; L Bald and L Daniels v TK Mashinge and J Penny 4-6; B Morrell and Lu Bald v B Muller and Y Chi 2-6; S White and B Stewart v C Lienert and B Metcalfe 6-3


W Crane v J Willis 6-0; D Bald v L Crouch 2-6; L Bald v TK Mashinge 6-3; L Daniels v J Penny 6-5; B Morrell v B Muller 1-6; Lu Bald v Y Chi 6-2; S White v C Lienert 6-4; B Stewart v B Metcalfe 6-1 Sportsmen 8-57 def West 4-48


A Hein and K Watts v C Watson and L Young 6-3; C Pennicott and J Crouch v L Young and L Miegel 6-5; E Slattery and N Pennicott v L Dow and C Lovell 6-1; T Rowe and C Slattery v K Moffat and Q Short 6-4


A Hein v C Watson 6-7; K Watts v L Young 2-6; C Pennicott v Lu Young 6-3; J Crouch v L Miegel 6-5; E Slattery v L Dow 1-6; N Pennicott v C Lovell 6-0; T Rowe v K Moffat 0-6; C Slattery v Q Short 6-2


Bridge Crows 7 Sets 57 Games V Community Club 2 Sets 38 Games

Bob Hancock Barry Griffiths V Barry Noye Ben Bowman 7-3, Rod Williams Yvonne Przibilla V Kevin Prosser Ruth Miller 5-7, Lorraine Vickers Jill Woolford V Michelle Saye Lynette Bald 7-1, Bob Hancock Lorraine Vickers V Barry Noye Michelle Saye 7-4, Barry Griffiths Rod Williams V Ben Bowman Kevin Prosser 7-5, Jill Woolford Yvonne Przibilla V Lynette Bald Ruth Miller 7-4, Bob Hancock Rod Williams V Barry Noye Kevin Prosser 7-5, Barry Griffiths Jill Woolford V Ben Bowman Lynette Bald 7-2, Lorraine Vickers Yvonne Przibilla V Michelle Saye Ruth Miller 3-7

Hot Shots 4Sets 49 Games V River Aces 5 Sets 55 Games

Theo Weinmann Peter Paech V Owen Morrell Kathy Pfeiffer 7-3, Robert Howell Joy Morris V John Bryan Deanna Harden 6-7 1-7, Elsie Grobler Anne Howell V Valerie Scott Danielle Daish 7-5, Theo Weinmann Elsie Grobler V Owen Morrell Valerie Scott 7-6 10/8, Peter Paech Robert Howell V Kathy Pfeiffer John Bryan 0-7, Anne Howell Joy Morris V Danielle Daish Deanna Harden 6-7 10/12, Theo Weinmann Robert Howell V Owen Morrell John Bryan 4-7, Peter Paech Anne Howell V Kathy Pfeiffer Danielle Daish 7-4, Elsie Grobler Joy Morris V Valerie Scott Deanna Harden 5-7

Night Owls Bowls

Overall Rink Winner: Olson Court

Team Members: Trevor Wynne, Graham Searle & Bob Mclean

Losers Consolation Prize: Positive Minds

Team Members: Marie Flavel, Wendy Bower, Neen Pheiffer & Kevin Excell.

Special Prizes: Lead Bowl: Orsan Cart. Team: Irritable Bowls. Second Bowl: Shane Morris. Team: Roof Rats. Third Bowl: Bubbles Harding.Team: Bush Whackers

Skipper: Ray Morris              Team: Green Masters

Conditions on the night were windy and cold. Ends were reduced to twelve ends due to the weather.

There were two games that only resulted in a one shot win. They were between the Swanport Rollers vs Green Masters and Roofrats vs River Glades.

Coaching sessions were appreciated again before and during the games by accredited coaches Ben Traeger and Jim Freak.

The Mystery Black Envelope was won by Neen Pfeiffer and this week contained $5.00. Wednesday night was cancelled due to bad weather


Round 20

A Grade

Razorbacks 17 defeated Oche Holics 2, Mannum Club 12 defeated Sharpshooters 7, Launchers 11 defeated Shafted 8. Brotherhood ~ BYE

Highest peg outs

Jason Rehn 150, Kevin Young 131, Leith Kahl 130, Craig Atze 119,


Jack Linke x 3, Kevin Young x 2, Josh Harris x 2, Darren Young x 1, Cain Sumner x 1, Dion Rehn x 1, Clag Clasohm x 1, Mark Kluske x 1

B Grade

All Bull 11 defeated Sharks 2, Sandfly's 11 defeated Bushrangers 2, River Chargers 8 defeated Devils 5, White Hill Wabbits 7 defeated Cally Crew 6. Fire Crackers ~ BYE


Kevin Mildwaters x 2

Highest peg outs

Scott Goold 100, Jack Elliott 94, Damian Dolman 82 and 68, Kev Mildwaters 76, Kevin Mattingly 59, Robert Beasley 56, Ronnie Ayres 55, Bob White 54

Highest junior peg outs

Cooper Dolman 32, Hayden Tyerman 32, 

Highest junior scores

Cooper Dolman 133, Caitlyn Smyth 125


Meeting four at Woodside was the first evening swimming event for the season, and it was cold and rainy affair. For most of the event, seven brave Murray Bridge swimmers toughed it out.

Samuel Montgomery Pittaway produced his usual strong swims, Luke Ratzmer put in good performances despite his minimal training, and Haylee Ratzmer had a good meet once again displaying her effortless style.

Annabelle Starr managed to swim all personal best tomes and is getting stronger with each event.

Adella Chewings also showed strength and performed confidently in all her swims, and Isabella Roberts put in a great effort also claiming PB’s in her swims.

A special mention must made of the youngest Cod’s swimmer, Ella Ireland, who put in an enormous effort and is just getting faster and faster with each experience.


Men’s Golf

A withering six-up from early riser Stan Hill set the pace in last Saturdays Par competition.

After 77 other players had tried, unsurprisingly, it remained as the best score at the end of the day. Great golf by Stan in great conditions. 

Steve ‘Beefy’ France was on song carving out a glorious four-up to win the A grade from a very much in form Andrew Meddle, who scored a very impressive three-up off his five handicap. 

Jeff Wright moaned and groaned his way to a three-up to win the B grade from Long John Bell who has finally returned from injury. His two-up was a good effort first up from an enforced break.

Down in C grade, it was Jeff's cousin Dean Wright who roared back into life with a four-up to hold off John Barwick who broke a run of outs with a handy three-up.

It's hard work winning a voucher these days but Brian Smyth was up to the task scoring a two-up.

Quality A graders Trev Healy and Keith Durham each shot one-ups as did solid B graders Lloyd Norrish and Malcolm Blight. Neil Paech, Stuff Hall, Squashy, Hodgey and Graeme Munt were also in the winners circle for their solid square with the card rounds.

Other news of interest included the fact that not one player could get their ball to stay on the second green which does happen on the odd occasion. 

The eagles nest hadn't gone off for a number of weeks but all the balls are now heading Mark Bolton's way after his three on the par five eighth.

The Pro comp for the best back nine was won by a dithering Dean Wright who was reluctant to pull his dollar from his pocket to enter the comp.

Eventually did so and is now reaping the rewards after shooting a four-up.

Women’s Golf

Maureen Johnson played a very consistent Par Round on Tuesday November 21 to win the day and the Amcal Pharmacy voucher. She was square on many holes and then after scoring on some and losing on others ended up with an overall score of square.

Kathy Pfeiffer also played a very good game to score minus one.

Liz Hodge continued her winning streak to come third with a score of minus two.

Five players followed, all with a score of minus three. They were Ellen Paech, Sue Antel, Ady Wright, Maureen Edwards and Dianne Wickes.

Saturday November 18 was also an Amcal Pharmacy Par Round won by Liz Hodge who ended the day with a score of square. Heather Fromm played well to be runner-up with a score of minus two followed closely by Ady Wright who was again in the winners list and Robyn Teasdale who both scored minus three.

Maureen Edwards also continued her good play to be the next Open Placegetter, scoring minus four, followed by Armani Marsters and Cathy Thomas both on minus six. The notable Progressive Scores in the Tuesday Women’s Golfer of the Year Award are Ellen Paech,11, Maureen Edwards, 10, Sue Antel and Kathy Pfeiffer.