Newbridge development, on Murray Bridge Racing Club site after Gifford Hill move, revealed in master plan

A new website for Murray Bridge's Gifford Hill development has revealed an updated plan for the city's current racecourse site.

The Gifford Hill racecourse on Brinkley Road is due to open in early 2019.

When that happens, the current racecouse will be divided up and sold for housing, a retail hub and an extension of Murray Bridge Golf Club to a par-71.

That area would be known as Newbridge.

The newest version of the Newbridge plan shows room for a retirement village and a small motel as well as 315 residential allotments: smaller villa and courtyard lots close to the "neighbourhood centre" and larger lots elsewhere.

A new path would also allow pedestrian access along the current golf club fenceline between Maurice Road and Melville Terrace.

The development is an initiative of Burke Urban, Murray Bridge Racing Club and their investor partners, who have so far spent more than $19 million on Gifford Hill.

The federal government has provided a $5 million grant for the new racecourse's facilities, and the state government and Thoroughbred Racing SA will each offer $5 million loans.