Bridge Blue take a hit

After last Saturday’s round the premiership table certainly took a jolt.

Although beaten by Jervois, Bridge Blue hang on to top spot and Jervois goes from third to second.

Mannum is now third and Bridge White has replaced Tailem Bend in the four after a 10-point win against RSL.

Tailem also won but only scored eight points in opposition to Karoonda. Positions are tight with only nine points separating second from fifth and Karoonda is only five points away, placed sixth.

Skipper of the round goes to Tailem Bend’s Duane Edwards. His team comprising Micheal Thorne, Graeme Millard and Glenda Shepherd chalked up an 18-shot winning margin that saved the day for the home side.

ROLL: Murray Bridge White's Tony Trewren sends a ball down the green with precision. Photo: William Bailey.

ROLL: Murray Bridge White's Tony Trewren sends a ball down the green with precision. Photo: William Bailey.

Division One

Murray Bridge Blue vs Jervois 

The rivalry continued between Murray Bridge Blue and Jervois with another nail-biting finish to their match. On this occasion Jervois claimed a single shot victory despite only recording a win on one rink.

With each rink playing the same opponents as the first round, Gerry Penta, Hugh Smythe, Mario Grande and Kristeena Kirchner faced off against Graham Fromm, Rodger Zarantonello, Derek Vanderzon and Shawn Hicks. Scores were tight early with the two teams six all after eight ends.

The Jervois rink got out to a five shot lead by the 11th end but by the 14th the home side were only down one 10-11.

This was as close as they could get though as Fromm’s team slowly drew away from Penta’s and with the help of a four on the 22nd end reached a game high lead of 11 shots 23-12. The locals reduced this over the last two ends with two singles to go down 14- 23.

On the next rink Paul Smart, Darren McIntosh, Helen Lindner and Ron Goodwin, who have struggled in recent weeks, had a bit of a slow start in their game.

Their opponents, Russell Schutz, David Kempe, Len Gommers and Graham Schenke gained the initial upper-hand which saw them leading 11-5 after nine ends.

A four to Smart’s team on the next end was a big help and three ends later they were in front 14-12. With the margin out to seven shots by the seventeenth end, Schutz’ rink got it back to three two ends later.

The Blues stretched the margin out to eight shots on the 22nd end (25-17) and, even though the visitors claimed the last three ends, held on to win the game 25-21.

In a similar fashion Bruce Attrill, Ben Traeger, Frank Nagy and Tom Griffiths tried hard but did not have much to show for it on the scoreboard early in their game. After eight ends they were trailing 2-11 against Graeme Herbert, Garry Mason, Denis Hicks and Martin Beaumont.

The momentum soon changed as they added seven shots across four ends and were only three behind after 13 ends 9-12.

By the next end the scores were level and on the 16th end the Blues hit the lead for the first time in the game 15-13. They maintained their lead with the margin fluctuating from five shots to one shot over the next seven ends.

With two ends to go Jervois were leading the overall scores by four shots and despite a great effort Attrill’s rink could only manage three shots to go down by one overall, but still win on their rink 24-20.

Tailem Bend vs Karoonda

Tailem Bend survived an absolute thriller at home against Karoonda, the visitors won on two rinks but was denied maximum points losing on the other by 18 shots.

The Karoonda team of Josh Porker, Malcolm Waechter, Len Symonds and Barry Cornish struck the line-up of Merv. Stevens, Rob. Hales, Ian Shepherd and Colin Baxter and got away with a seven shot win.

The first few ends were evenly matched with Tailem in front by two shots on the tenth end.

Karoonda hit back with three singles to one that levelled the scores on the fourteenth end.

From then on it was the Karoonda players that finished the better starting with a five on the sixteenth end, Tailem recovered from that to get within one shot with five ends to go. The team did not score again while Karoonda finished the conflict with four singles and a two to take the honours by seven shots.

Karoonda claimed another rink when the team of Gary Zadow, Kim Tomkinson, Rowan Zadow and John Wegener defeated Sam Shepherd’s, Scott Dinham, Brian Leckie and Brayden Gregory by a margin of eight shots.

The Tailem rink could not have started much better, winning five of the first six ends to take a lead of 13 shots to one.

Karoonda made inroads on the scoreboard but was still 11 shots behind on the twelfth end. From that point an extraordinary change came over the contest, Zadow’s players won 12 ends straight for a total of 19 shots that set them up for an eight-shot win.

Tailem scored a two on the second to last end but the Karoonda was up to the task finishing with a single.

Tailem’s Duane Edwards, Micheal Thorne, Graeme Millard and Glenda Shepherd were always in control against Ian Symonds, Steven Kroehn, Rowan Tomkinson and Paul Wegener but couldn’t relax for a moment as every shot was vital to cover the other two Tailem rinks.

The local team got off the mark quickly winning 11 of the first 15 ends to set up a lead of 18 shots, Karoonda cut the lead by three shots then another three made it 14 the difference, this was still a sizable margin but with the overall result well and truly in the balance both teams were placed under plenty of stress. the other two teams were onlookers now as the rink in play toughed it out for supremacy.

Tailem led overall by two shots as the last end approached, both teams played it out brilliantly scoring two singles each over the last four ends with Edward’s 18 shot margin enough to settle the overall issue in Tailem’s favour by three shots.

FOCUS: RSL's Al Wooldridge calmly rolls one away in his side's clash with Murray Bridge White on Saturday.

FOCUS: RSL's Al Wooldridge calmly rolls one away in his side's clash with Murray Bridge White on Saturday.

RSL vs Murray Bridge White

RSL hosted Murray Bridge White on a windy pageant day.

With "Panda" Keough taking on Ted Baxter the game seesawed with a few big scores to both sides throughout the game. Anne-Marie Kuchel led the way from the front with consistent and deadly accuracy as lead.

As the game moved forward the wind started to play a big part of the game which Kerri Bolt revelled in making it look effortlessly in the unpredictable conditions. Coming down to the last end the game was squared at 30 shots.

With Murray Bridge White holding two shots Tony Gill with superb touch dragged kitty back and gave RSL 2 shots and ultimately the win. With a terrific team effort RSL won the game by 4 shots 34-30.

Garry Daniel drew Chester Moore and it was Chester's rink of Hayden Hein, Tony Trewren and Charlie DiSanto who got away to a good start to lead 10-1 after 4 ends.

Bertie Trewren on the lead found his line and consistent bowls by Allan Wooldridge and Mike Bristow saw the locals pile on 12 shots in the next 4 ends including a 5 on end 6 to lead 13-10. The game became a high scoring affair but the Bridge boys scored successive 3's to go into the break leading 25-17.

After the break, the locals couldn't take a trick with Moore's rink going on to win 33-23.

Noel Kneebone's rink took on the Murray Bridge legend Ian Oats and his teammates. 

With all players struggling with the conditions, it was a battle for both skips to keep the game tight. So much so that at the 13th end scores were 13 all.

It was then that the White boys started to find the line more consistently and were able to get a 10 shot winning margin to take the game 25/15.

With RSL winning one rink again it still struggles to make an impact on the ladder but players are starting to realise what it will take to be really competitive in this league.

Division Two

As expected Mannum with another solid win, this time over Bridge Green, holds prime place ahead of Jervois Black, which was beaten by Bridge Red. With that colour now threatening in third position and Bridge Green that was soundly beaten but still ranks fourth. 

Lowly placed Karoonda caused an upset at home scoring a four shot win over Meningie, Kevin Burdett and Barry Manuel steered their teams to wins while Brian Lord had a two shot win for Meningie.

Another thriller unfolded at Tailem Bend where the home side sneaked in by one shot against RSL, it was a mixed days bowling with a draw a win and a loss recorded.

John Gregory (TB) started the better in his clash with Peter Tuxford winning the first two ends for three shots, the RSL team kicked in to win the next four and take a four shot lead. 

Tailem got on the board and it was eight shots to one over four ends.

The RSL team steadied once more to take up the running winning five out of six ends to be up by four after 14 ends played. 

From that point a massive change came over the game during the run home.

Tailem took over, from the fifteenth end to the twentieth. The locals piled on 10 shots to just single that took the side into the last end five shots up. 

It appeared enough but was not to be, to finish proceedings RSL fought back with a five that tied the scores.

Kevin Griffiths (TB) drew Dennis Fiegert and it was the RSL rink that got the better start with six shots over the first three ends, then a two on the fifth gave RSL a 6 shot lead. 

Tailem hit back strongly scoring 11 shots to one, RSL picked up a four but it was Tailem that cut loose winning the next six ends that reaped 18 shots that included two fours and a six. 

Their run made the lead 16 shots. RSL finished the better with seven shots to one but it was all too late as Tailem held on for a 10 shot win.

Peter Connolly (TB) and Neil ‘Nugget’ Zander lined up against each other and it was RSL that got the start with two singles. 

The Tailem team then got going winning five ends straight for a total of 12 shots, that burst was short lived however as the RSL players took complete control. 

With superb draw bowling they got on top in all positions winning eight of the next nine ends for a tally of 19 shots to one, and more was to come with a six on the 18th end finishing up by nine at the finish.

Skipper Zander had a big influence on the game while his players played brilliant bowls after a slow start. 

Chook Kennedy on the lead was never off the jack while Michael Walker and Dave Thiele handled the conditions with dazzling draw bowling.

Division Three

This is a very good competition but I reckon the top four placegetters that are in place now will be there come finals time. 

The positions will change though because at the moment Murray Bridge is top ahead of Mannum Green only on percentage, Mannum Gold is six points behind them ahead of Jervois by two points.

No doubt challenges will come at times from the bottom four, but Karoonda, Meningie, RSL and Tailem Bend will struggle to make enough headway. 

All the favourites got through on Saturday and scored maximum points; Mannum Gold over RSL, Jervois by only eight shots against Meningie and Murray Bridge by 10 over Karoonda.

At Tailem Bend second placed Mannum Green proved just a bit too good for Tailem Bend by 15 shots, Trevor Frahn had his Mannum team up against Gary Beauglehall and got away with a nine-shot win. 

Mannum started with a two but was quickly overhauled as Tailem won the next four ends to open up a lead of four shots.

The scores were level on the seventh double twos to Tailem opened up a break that was a signal for Mannum to justify their higher position on the ladder. 

They scored 12 shots one over the next five ends to be up by seven on the fourteenth. It was low scoring in the run home with four shots to Tailem and six to Mannum Green.

Peter McAvaney (Man) lined up against John Brook and quickly got on the board with a five and two twos, Tailem answered with three shots but Mannum’s lead blew out with a further nine shots to make it 15 the difference. 

Tailem scored the next 10 shots to one that made it six Mannum’s way and that is how it finished with the teams scoring five shots each over the concluding stages.

Ladies Bowls

Murray Bridge Maroon vs Tailem Bend

This game started well weather wise then it was called off in the second half of the game because the rain which didn't give us time to get off the green without getting drenched.

Maroon v Tailem Bend overall score was a win for Maroon with a score of 57 -33. I haven't the score cards to write from so all I can give is each rinks scores. 

Skipper Jan Kennedy played skipper Margaret Woidt 17-10; Skipper Kristeena Kirchner played skipper Lyn Weckert: 17-16; Skipper Kay Simes played skipper Karen Kneebone 23-7.

Murray Bridge Royal vs Karoonda 

This was on overall win to Royal with the overall score being 52-37.

Skipper Helen Lindner played skipper Barbara Pope 24-6; Skipper Sue Smart played skipper Val Herrmann 15-16; Skipper Jill Woolford played skipper Robyn Burdett 13-15.