Minister for Planning John Rau approves Meningie zone changes

An expansion of Meningie’s town centre and home industry zones has been approved by the Minister for Planning. 

The re-zoning was part of the Coorong District Council’s (CDC) Town Centres, Townships and Environs Part One Development Plan Amendment signed off by Minister John Rau on November 21. 

CDC planning and economic development director Belinda Croser said the town centre expansion was small but necessary.

“A few non-residential properties that were sitting in residential zones needed to be brought into the commercial zone,” Ms Croser said. 

A few residential properties were caught in the zone change, but Ms Croser said the council wrote to occupants and received no objections.

“I can only foresee it effecting people if they want to knock their house down and build units there.”

The home industry zone was slightly expanded to allow for owners to construct commercial and residential buildings on their properties, and Ms Croser said only a small number of property owners would seek to do so.

Mr Rau split the DPA into two parts because of a requirement for the council to further investigate and consider housing options in the Tailem Bend, Coonalpyn, Meningie and Tintinara townships.

Ms Croser said the second part of the DPA included proposed additional rural living land/zones and would be worked on by both the council and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

“From here it will be a consultation with DPTI about what tweaks we can make to get the second part approved.”

An urban employment zone enveloping the Tailem Bend Solar Farm, and airfield zone at Tintinara and small-scale tourist accommodation policies were among other changes also approved by Mr Rau.

DPA Part One has been consolidated into the Coorong District Council Development Plan, available at