Maggie Beer and Trevallie Orchard join The Co-op's new Foodland

Trevallie Orchard sales and marketing manager Sheralee Menz and Maggie Beer, with premium Barossa fruit at the Nuriootpa Foodland.

Trevallie Orchard sales and marketing manager Sheralee Menz and Maggie Beer, with premium Barossa fruit at the Nuriootpa Foodland.

Two respected Barossa fruit growers have collaborated with the new Nuriootpa Foodland to ensure premium quality, world class fresh fruit is available to retail customers.

Maggie Beer and Trevallie Orchard have announced they are working together with Nuriootpa Foodland manager Ken Hodges to provide a year-round supply of locally grown fresh fruit into the supermarket.

Starting immediately, Trevallie Orchard will supply fresh apples and pears, with December seeing the introduction of Maggie Beer’s fresh apricots.

In the new pomme fruit season early in 2018, a selection of new-season apples and pears will be available direct from both orchards, offering tree-ripened fruit with full flavour.

“This is a terrific outcome for the Barossa,” Trevallie’s sales and marketing manager Sheralee Menz said.

“We’ve all known for many generations the Barossa has the soils, climate and traditional skills to grow outstanding world-class fruit.

“Now we have a world class retail facility to support that, and everyone reaps the reward through lower food miles, supporting local growers, and of course the flavour that can only come from locally grown tree-ripened fruit.”

Trevallie Orchard fresh and dried fruit has been available for 15 years through the Barossa Farmers Market and will continue to do so, but the new move provides for a wider customer exposure.

“We love being a part of the Farmers Market and will certainly never give that up, but we understand that not everyone can get there on a Saturday morning,” Ms Menz said.

“Having our fruit available at the supermarket means it’s easier for everyone to enjoy.”

Maggie Beer is renowned for her passionate support of seasonal Barossa produce and the food traditions so proudly held in the region, and the collaboration ensures an opportunity for locals to enjoy the fruit direct from her orchards.

“I’m so pleased that the fruit from our orchard will be available at Foodland,” she said.

Both orchardists agree the consumer expectation created by large supermarkets is a dangerous trap to fall into.

“We’ve been conditioned by the large supermarket chains to expect that fruit is available all year round, that its perfect and its perpetually cheap, which is a very unrealistic position,” Ms Menz said.

“Our food traditions in the Barossa are deeply grounded in seasonal and local produce and the generosity of shared produce, so this is very much about eating fruit that is literally dripping with flavour, and being driven by the seasons.

“Fruit growing in this region dates back five generations, and as custodians of this historic orchard the integrity and flavour of our fruit is an obligation we take very seriously.”

“The flavour from tree-ripened freshly picked fruit is as good as it gets!” Mrs Beer agreed.

This story Barossa foodies’ fresh collaboration first appeared on Barossa & Light Herald.