Murraylands sporting results

SHOT: Brinkley junior Ryan Lee returning a well-placed shot in a recent match against Mannum. Photo: William Bailey.

SHOT: Brinkley junior Ryan Lee returning a well-placed shot in a recent match against Mannum. Photo: William Bailey.


Mannum Golf Club


Nine Hole Stableford

Five players

First place – B Houston, 23 points

Second place – R Nagel, 18 points

Third place – G Littlefield, 17 points

Fourth place – S Gregory, 15 points

Fifth place – B Hughes, 11 points


Stableford competition

14 players

Pro 9 Front – Rod Foreman, 20 points

First place – Geoff Bormann, 37 points

Second place – Smilie Trinder, 36 points

Third place – Stan Thompson, 35 points

Fourth place – Trevor Miller, 33 points

Fifth place – Jeff Applebee, 33 points

Sixth place – Jason Packer, 32 points

Seventh place – Rod Foreman, 31 points

Eighth place – Trevor Johnson, 30 points

NTP 6 and 15 – Geoff Bormann

Women’s Golf

A Stableford Competition was played on Saturday 25th November with Cathy Thomas completing a very successful round to come in as the overall winner scoring 39 points, proving that her determination to succeed is paying dividends.

Although unable to hit the greens as often as she would like, Robyn Teasdale’s natural talent shone through and she finished the day with 37 points to be the First Open Place-getter with Heather Fromm taking second spot also scoring 37 points, and Liz Hodge was third with 33.

Tuesday 28th November was also a Stableford Competition. 

The day’s forecast hot temperature saw the ladies tee off early and Ellen Paech was the day’s winner scoring 33 points.

The Open Placegetters were Kathy Pfeiffer 33, Liz Hodge 30, Liz Llewellyn 28 and Kathy Ruggiero also 28 points.

Ruggiero is developing more consistency in her game and as another player with strong determination will soon start to see her handicap lowering.

Last season’s Golfer of the Year winner, Ellen Paech is once again top of the ladder and as at the 21st November is sitting on 11 points. 

Maureen Edwards follows closely with 10 and Kathy Pfeiffer is next with 8 points.  

Tuesday 12th December is the Women’s Christmas Luncheon, which will be preceded by a Stableford Competition with an 8.00 am for 8.30 shot gun start.

Rifle shooting

On Saturday the Murray Bridge Rifle Club contested the tenth Stage of the Club Championship over 500m at Monarto.

The Club is trialling an early start for a couple of months and some shooters hoped for calmer conditions early in the morning but strong and gusty winds from the right greeted the competitors throughout. Luckily the scattered showers held off until the shooting was completed.

Robert Paech was the top off-rifle and the winner in A Grade with 96.9.

In a return to shooting Mark Whittle also shot well with both of these shooters scoring 49’s. Whittle’s combined score of 95.7 gave him the Handicap win for the afternoon.

Winner in B Grade was John Cain with 92.8.

Jim Caspers was the winner in F Class Standard “A” with a consistent 114.6.

This score also gave Caspers the Handicap win in F Class for the afternoon.

Nicole Edwards was the winner in F Class Standard “B” with 109.5, including the best individual score of 58.5.

Ian Elston was top off-rifle and the winner in F Class Open with 109.3.

The sighters’ awards were won by Paech in full-bore with 19.2, Wayne Halliday in F Class Standard with a n almost perfect 23.0 and Steve Wuttke in F Class Open with 22.0.

David McDonald was the winner of the magpie award for the afternoon on a count out from others with only one.

Scores: TR - M. Whittle 46.1, 49.6, 95.7, 8, 110; R. Paech 49.5, 47.4, 96.9, 4, 109; J. Cain 44.2, 48.6, 92.8, 9, 109; A. Heard 47.2, 48.3, 95.5, 7, 107; G. Harrison 46.3, 47.1, 93.4, 8, 105; D. McDonald 42.1, 46.0, 88.1, 11, 100; I. Taylor 39.0, 41.0, 80.0, 13, 93.

F Class - J. Caspers 57.4, 57.2, 114.6, 8, 128; L. Hickerson 57.3, 56.2, 113.5, 8, 126; N. Edwards 51.0, 58.5, 109.5, 11, 125; F. Marshall 57.3, 53.2, 110.5, 7, 122; W. Halliday 49.0, 54.2, 103.2, 15, 120; I. Elston 54.4, 55.2, 109.6, 5, 120; J. Cranwell 54.2, 56.1,110.3, 5, 118; S. Wuttke 53.2, 51.1, 104.3, 6, 113.

Murraylands Hard Court Tennis Association



Lutheran Red vs Jervois 

The much anticipated clash of the titans was held at Christian Reserve on Friday night when the top pairing of undefeated Lutheran Red’s Mitchell Lienert and Jamie Honner hosted the well-respected Jervois powerhouse team of Barry Gale and Anthony Lapinskas.

Gale and Lapinskas had no trouble early in the match and breezed to a 7-0 lead before experiencing any resistance from the Lutheran duo.

Despite their best efforts, Lienert and Honner could only manage 2 games. Gale and Lapinskas continued their good form in the singles to show why they are among country SA’s finest players.

In other doubles matches, Jack Daniels and Darren Welsh made a long awaited return to hard court tennis for Jervois but went down to Kael Harkness and Jesse Linton 9-3.

Lutheran’s Todd Lienert and James Clarke came back from 0 - 4 to defeat Anne Hein and Marylin O’Loughlin in a tie-break and, in what appeared to be a most enjoyable match, Lutheran pair Genna Harkness and Kim Merritt defeated Melanie Welsh and Kyle Nicholas-Benney 9-4 in a match that featured both some very good rallies as well as regular fits of laughter.

 Lutheran Red went on to win 6 of the 8 singles sets to finish comfortable winners 9-3.


Lutheran Blue vs Brinkley

On Friday night, through spitting rain and wind, Lutheran Blue took on finals-bound Brinkley.

Despite missing some players and facing an experienced and skilful Brinkley outfit, Lutheran took to the courts in a high-spirited fashion.

Matthew Ahrens and Matthew Perriman played out of their skins and in the end were too strong for opponents Hermann Magerkorth and Paul Hein winning 9-2.

Youngster’s Andrew Ahrens and Jordan Hein of Lutheran had a much tougher battle, only managing three well-earned games against the more powerful Brendan Lambe and Damien Bates.

Wayne Schenke’s experience and Josh Budarick’s flair assisted in winning Brinkley the third double against Bradley Zadow and Cindy Hein. Mother and son combination Yvonne Mach and Leo Mach combined together for Lutheran against Heather Richards and Alexis Lambe but it was Richards’ ball placement that won the set for Brinkley 9-5.

In the singles, Matthew Ahrens played with consistency to get out to a 4-1 lead but Magerkorth slowly edged back into the match through his many forehand and volley winners, eventually winning an intense, long set, 7-5 in a tie-break.

Perriman also got out to a good start against Paul Hein but Hein tactically fought his way back into the match winning 6-3.

For Brinkley, Lambe, Bates and Schenke all proved too powerful and experienced against Lutheran youngsters Andrew Ahrens, Jordan Hein and Zadow winning 6-4, 6-2 and 6-3 respectively.

However, consistency and good ball placement awarded these youngsters with a handful of games each and established them as future threats.

Cindy Hein won Lutheran’s first and only single of the night defeating Budarick 6-0. Richards and Alexis Lambe proved too strong for opponents Yvonne and Leo Mach, winning 6-0 and 6-1.

The final scoreline showed Brinkley winning 10 sets, 71 games to Lutheran 2 sets 48 games.



Matthew Ahrens and Matthew Perrimen vs Hermann Magerkorth and Paul Hein – 9-2

Andrew Ahrens and Jordan Hein vs Brendan Lambe and Damien Bates – 3-9

Bradley Zadow and Cindy Hein vs Wayne Schenke and Josh Budarick –  7-9

Yvonne and Leo Mach vs Heather Richards and Alexis Lambe – 5-9


Matthew Ahrens vs Hermann Magerkorth – 5-6

Matthew Perriman vs Paul Hein – 3-6

Andrew Ahrens vs Brendan Lambe – 4-6

Jordan Hein vs Damien Bates – 2-6

Bradley Zadow vs Wayne Schenke – 3-6

Cindy Hein vs Josh Budarick – 6-0

Yvonne Mach vs Heather Richards – 0-6

Leo Mach vs Alexis Lambe – 1-6

Match won by Brinkley

Mypolonga vs Mannum

The match started on time but with the threat of possible rain during the night.

The doubles were completed without drama.

The first double, with John Owens and Roger Head for Mypo against Tyler and Jordan Barker, was a close match with Head and Owens

winning 9:7 against the young and improving players. Mypo was also successful in the remaining three doubles.

Rain interrupted the first four singles, but after almost an hour wait, the courts had dried, enabling play to resume.

Unfortunately, Zac Muirhead had to forfeit his single against Mypo’s Jack Reddin at 5 games all, just prior to the rain delay, due to injury.

Mannum’s David Mann and Theo Weinmann played another close match, with Mann winning in a tie-break.

With the last single of John Owens against Tyler Barker at one game each, rain unfortunately forced the end of play. Mypolonga won the match 10 sets to 1.



John Owens and Roger Head vs Tyler Barker and Jordon Barker – 9-7

Matthew Goldsmith and Theo Weinmann vs Jarrod Manuel and David Mann – 9-2

Zac Wachtel and Jack Redden vs Toby Christiansen and Zak Muirhead – 9-0

Sarah Applebee and Leeann Jones vs Chloe Schellen and Kellie Modra  – 9-5


John Owens vs Tyler Barker – 1-1 (rain stopped match)

Roger Head vs Jordon Barker – 6-1

Matthew Goldsmith vs Jarrod Manuel – 6-1

Theo Weinmann vs David Mann – 5-6

Zac Wachtel vs Toby Christiansen – 6-3

Jack Redden and Zak Muirhead (retired hurt) – 6-5

Sarah Applebee vs Chloe Schellen (forfeit) 6-0

Leeann Jones vs Kellie Modra (forfiet) – 6-8

Match won by Mypolonga


Mannum Green vs Lutheran Blue

Under the threat of rain, matches were all completed, despite the wind picking up late morning.

Lutheran Blue won three out of the four doubles matches, 6-3, 6-2 and 6-0, with Mannum Green winning the bottom doubles match in a close game, 6-5.

Andrew Ahrens was too strong at number one for Lutheran, winning his match 6-0, as did Riley Lienert at number four.

Lutheran’s Jaeden Jenkinson and Brayden Denham also had good wins. Mannum’s Amali Barker was defeated 3-6 by Luke Smith but played some really good tennis, as did Thomas Chadwick, who went down to Ayan Atif 4-6. Lachlan Treloar was Mannum’s only two set winner, winning his singles and doubles 6-5, in two close matches.

The final match of the day, between Elise Horstmann and Leo March had all the spectators on the edge of their seats as Horstmann won the match in a tiebreaker 7-5 and giving Mannum their third set for the day. Lutheran Blue were too strong winning 9 sets, 64 games to Mannum Green 3 sets and 33 games.