Bridge Blue stay safe

THOUGHT: Mannum's Ian Windebank sends a roll down the green in his side's loss to Bridge Blue on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.
THOUGHT: Mannum's Ian Windebank sends a roll down the green in his side's loss to Bridge Blue on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Division One

Bridge Blue safely holds top spot after easily accounting for Mannum, Bridge White moved up from fourth to third following a thrilling two-shot win at Jervois and to cap it all off Karoonda’s massive win over RSL lifted the side from second to bottom to fourth.

Mannum dropped out of the four while RSL after suffering badly at Karoonda has certainly dropped out of everything.

Tailem Bend had the bye but as there is only a gap of 10 points between third and sixth the side is still in with a chance of making the four.

The only thing that is currently assured is that it is panning out to be a most exhilarating competition that will hold attention for a very long time.

Skipper of the round goes comfortably to Ian Symonds whose team bolted in with a 32 shot winning margin that paved the way for Karoonda’s record overall tally of 102 shots.

Bridge Blue vs Mannum

Murray Bridge Blue were successful at home against Mannum, taking out the clash by 23 shots.

Bruce Attrill, Ben Traeger, Peter Shilton and Frank Nagy came up against Peter Wegener, Chris Mundie, Ian Windebank and Stephen Gregory and after six ends the sides were even at five all. The Blues picked up a five on the next end and continued to pile on the shots.

Over the next seven ends they accumulated 16 shots to their tally, including a four and two threes, which saw them leading 26-5. Wegener’s rink was finally able to break their opponents’ run with a four but this was short lived.

Attrill scored on the next five ends adding six shots which brought the margin to a game-high 23 shots 32-9. In the last five the locals only picked up two shots and dropped eight shots giving a final score of 34-17.

Paul Smart, Darren McIntosh, Helen Lindner and Ron Goodwin dropped a four on the first end but by the sixth end the scores were even at five all.

Graham Wakefield, Richard Symons, Denise Barnes and Maurice Davey then edged their way in front with three singles and a two but the Blues came back at them and with the help of a three and a two they hit the lead 12-10 after 14 ends.

Things stayed fairly close for the next few ends with Mannum getting ahead on the 18th end 15-14 before the scores were level again one end later.

From here Smart’s rink finished strongly adding 10 shots, including a three and three twos, while only conceding a two to take the game 25-17.

On the last rink Gerry Penta, Hugh Smythe, Mario Grande and Kristeena Kirchner jumped out of the gates to lead Lynton Jones, Garry Fowler, Ron Van Tijn and Martyn March 7-1 after five ends. They continued to stretch their lead and after a four on the 11th end the locals were in front 16-3.

The visitors hit back with two threes and a two to be down 11-16 before Penta gained another four to be ahead 20-11.

In the run home to the finish end by end Jones’ rink reduced the margin finally hitting the lead on the 23rd end and remained in front at the end of the game.

They had added 13 shots to Penta’s two shots to win 24-22.

ROLL: Murray Bridge White's Franks Nagy keeps his cool. Photo: William Bailey.

ROLL: Murray Bridge White's Franks Nagy keeps his cool. Photo: William Bailey.

Jervois vs Murray Bridge White

Jervois have once again stumbled at home, going down by two shots to the less fancied MB White 78 to 76 in blustery conditions.

Early rains prevented final preparations of the greens making conditions quite difficult. Ian Oats, Les Trewren, Bob Johnson and Graham Rolton led the way for the visitors with a comprehensive 18 shot win over David Kempe, Tim Hicks, Len Gommers and Graham Schenke.

After a tight start the visitors blew the game apart between the fourth and 10th ends with an unbroken run of 18 shots. Two fours and two threes in this period saw them to a 19 to two lead which was never to be seriously challenged.

A further four on the 14th edged the margin out to 20 shots, and although the home side restricted further damage to single shots, they couldn't get back into the contest.

Chester Moore, Charlie DiSanto, Tony Trewren and Hayden Hein prevailed over Graeme Herbert, Garry Mason, Denis Hicks and Martin Beaumont 28 to 25 in a keenly fought contest.

Herbert generally held sway through the first half, gaining leads of four or five shots on several occasions, but Moore was always within striking distance.

A solid team performance saw the visitors gain the ascendancy over the final 10 ends, and with a four on the 24th had gained a vital six shot break. A three to Herbert on the last was their only multiple score during this period, and although it reduced the final deficit to three shots, was too late.

Graham Fromm, Rodger Zarantonello, Derek Vanderzon and Shawn Hicks were the only winners for the home side, but their 19 shot win over Ted Baxter, Jim Freak, Leo Liebelt and Mike Ferris was just short of the margin required to get their team over the line.

After dropping a two on the first, Fromm quickly assumed control to take a 20 to eight lead at the break.The lead blew out to 20 shots when they added a four and a five, but a loose end allowed Baxter to respond with a four and then a two.

Fromm needed a six on the final end to force an overall tie, but a 4 gave them a 38 to 19 consolation win.

POISE: Murray Bridge White's Ben Traegar carefully rolls down the green in Mannum on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

POISE: Murray Bridge White's Ben Traegar carefully rolls down the green in Mannum on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Division Two

Top placed Mannum went down to Jervois Black and is now only four points ahead of that side with quite a gap to Bridge Green and Bridge Red, then comes Meningie which sounded a warning after a full points win against the more fancied Bridge Red.

Jervois Black slowed down Mannum’s momentum with a 10 shot win showing that Black’s are the real deal.

Bridge Green’s and Jervois Red both enjoyed good wins that keeps them well in the picture.

Murray Bridge Green vs RSL

Bridge Green hosted RSL in windy and occasionally wet conditions on Saturday.

Green’s Kurt Weinmann drew RSL’s Dennis Fiegert, whose rink included experienced players Greg Thomas and Bert Trewren.

Weinmann jumped away to a good start to be leading 24-2 after eleven ends. Fiegert’s rink then won the next three ends to be trailing 7-24.

Weinmann’s rink completely outclassed the opposition, taking the last seven ends to win 43-7.

Brian Welch from Green, who was up against RSL’ Peter Tuxford also got away to a solid start to be leading 12-1 after six ends.

From that point onwards both team traded ends with Welch marginally in front at 19-13 after the seventeenth.

A six on the eighteenth end, followed by a three and a single closed out the game with Welch finally winning 29-14.

Green’s John Pohl was drawn against RSL’s Neil Zander, who’s rink included a couple of Night Owls.

Former Bridge player, Chook Kennedy lead extremely well for Zander, and set up some great heads. A tight game ensued as the scores were locked away at 11 apiece after the tenth end.

Pohl broke away, winning the next five ends to be leading 20-11 after fifteen.

Zander, displaying tenacity reminiscent to his father Des, rallied his troops in a fightback to be trailing 19-20 after nineteen ends. 

Pohl steadied the flow with a single on the twentieth. Zander was unable to do better than a single on the final end, which eventually saw Pohl triumph 21-20. 

The overall win saw Bridge Green gain 12 points a well as some valuable percentage at the end of the first half of the season.

Jervois Red vs Tailem Bend

Big margins were the order of the day in this contest, with Jervois getting over the line by 18 shots with two rinks up.

Dave Graham, Bob Afford, Rob Mattingly and Kasey Ebdon were far too good for Kevin Griffiths, Matt Hogan, Ann Priest and Bob Connolly in their 24 to eight win.

Although they led all day, it was the final seven ends which they won in succession which ensured the win, increasing their six shot lead to an emphatic 16 shot victory.

Kevin Spinks, Grace Hamiester, Don King and John McEntee sprinted to a 15- 2 lead over Peter Connolly, Steven Gordge, Kevin McDonald and Kath Liebich, eventually winning 27 to 12. 

Thirteen shots in three ends from a five-four-four run broke the game apart after a tight start, and the lead blew out to 21 shots by the 18th end. 

Connolly doubled his total on the final three ends to add a little respectability, but his team was well outplayed on the day. 

Division Three

It couldn’t get much closer here with the top three Mannum Gold, Murray Bridge and Mannum Green all on 54 points with Jervois four points away making up the four.

Mannum Gold won on both rinks against Karoonda by a margin of 15 shots, Jervois upset Mannum Green with a one rink win just making it by just five shots, Trevor Frahn got the win for Mannum. 

A major upset was at RSL where the locals celebrated a win against highly placed Murray Bridge. 

Ian Kluge’s rink was the winner with an 18 shot margin that was enough to cover Ida Warner’s that only went down by two.

At Meningie the locals were way too good for Tailem Bend with Glen Andrews winning by 26 and Robert Warnes making it by 13.

Night Owls

Overall Rink Winner: Swanport Rollers

(Team Members); Malcolm Carter, Vicky Marshall, Judy Zadow and Ian Fullwood

Losers Consolation: E Bowli

(Team Members): Curt Brown, Lewis Burns, Brett Edson and Matt Lindnere

Special Prizes:

Lead Bowl: Marie Flavel                   Positive Minds

Second Bowl: Pam Jennings                Home Detention

Third Bowl: Robin Hundertmark        Classic Fours

Skipper:  Bob  McLean                 Olson  Court

It was a beautiful balmy night. 

Close games between Roof Rats and Awesome Foursome with Awesome Foursome Getting up by one shot.

Old Tigers going down by 1 shot to Home Detention.

E Bowli going down to Positive Minds by 1 shot.

Progressive Points Leaders are Home Detention on 10 points with Green Masters & Awesome Foursome close behind on 8 points.

Bob Stephenson won $100 from the mystery envelope donated by 1st Realestate Property Management.

Wednesday – 29/11/2017

Overall Rink Winners: Mypo

Losers Consolation:                 Hell Raisers

Special Prizes: 

Lead Bowl:    Neil Morris

Second:   Gary March

Third:   Daniel McLoughlin

Skipper:   Natasha Lochlan

It has been sad that the Two Mushroom Farm teams have withdrawn but the remaining 12 teams appear to be enjoying the competition.

Mypo continued their winning way and have gone to the top of the premiership table, they also secured the winning prize. the losers consolation went to Hell Raisers.

Thursday – 30/11/2017

Overall Rink Winners:                Bushwackers

Team Members: Heather Stephenson, Kevin Leslie, Bubbles Harding and Bob Stephenson

Losers Consolation: Old Tigers

Team Members: John Kelly, Steve Rathjen, Roger Bates and Steve Elliott

Special Prizes:        

Lead Bowl:     Kerry Pascoe                   Green Masters

Second:     Lindsay Marks                  Roof Rats

Third:     Lewis Burns                      E Bowl i

Skipper:     Ian Fulwood                      Swanport Rollers

Game shortened due to thunder storms. Four teams vie for top position on ten points

They are: Awesome Foursome, Bush Wackers, Classic Fours and Home Detention

Green Masters & RoofRats Drew this week

The last mystery envelope next week will contain $50.

We have a new sponsor on board with $20 meal Vouchers supplied by The Tailem Bend Riverside Hotel.

Thursday – 16/11/2017

Overall Rink Winner: Olson Court

Team Members: Trevor Wynne, Graham Searle & Bob Mclean

Losers Consolation Prize: Positive Minds

Team Members: Marie Flavel, Wendy Bower, Neen Pheiffer & Kevin Excell.

Special Prizes:

Lead Bowl:  Orsan Cart                 Team: Irritable Bowls

Second Bowl:  Shane Morris             Team: Roof Rats

Third Bowl: Bubbles Harding         Team: Bush Whackers

Skipper: Ray Morris              Team: Green Masters

Conditions on the night were windy and cold. Ends were reduced to twelve ends due to the weather.

Two games ended in a one shot win - Swanport Rollers vs Green Masters and Roofrats vs River Glades.