Sides play make-up games

FOCUS: RSL's Allan Wooldridge sends a roll down the green during a recent clash with Murray Bridge Blue. Photo: William Bailey.
FOCUS: RSL's Allan Wooldridge sends a roll down the green during a recent clash with Murray Bridge Blue. Photo: William Bailey.

To balance out the program, to equalise the rounds played in Division One only two games will be contested this Friday, both twilight fixtures commencing at 6.30pm and finishing at 10pm.

There has been quite a spirited discussion around as to whether 25 ends can be completed in that space of time.

It most surely will be an issue, dead ends are part and parcel of the game and two or three of them will be without doubt time absorbing, so some sort of tactics could be employed which will make it a very interesting game of bowls played mostly under lights.

The spectacle however will far outweigh any negative thinking and will certainly attract a good amount of evening onlookers.

RSL vs Jervois

The RSL players must be feeling very low at the moment, their season has not reached anywhere near the heights they expected at the start of the season.

It’s fair to say the effort put in last start would have really shook the club as well as denting any confidence the players would have been trying to build.

Jervois also missed out but that was only by two points so they will recover from that to gather much needed points to be holding the double chance come finals time.

At the moment they trail Bridge Blue by 18 points making a win here a must. RSL at home under lights will surely improve but not by enough to cause a theatrical upset. On form at the moment Jervois will be too good by a margin of 21-30 shots.

The only thing that can save RSL is if the lights were snuffed out and Bristles without his utensils.

Mannum vs Tailem Bend

This will be a much closer contest at Mannum, the locals went down to the all conquering Bridge Blue which now places the side fifth but not far away from the four.

On the other hand Tailem with the bye hasn’t had a decent hit out for a couple of weeks, that shouldn’t big a big deal especially as fourth spot is beckoning and knowing a loss though would be a real setback.

The Mannum cast list in the main perform better at home as most sides do, but this time there will be a huge crowd supporting inside the arena and also hanging over the fence. 

What’s more the pub next door will be belting out the club song “we are the greatest.”

Even so hopefully it will go the distance and then under lights anything can happen, I give Tailem a mighty chance but the odds could be against them so I’ll go for Mannum to scrape home by about four shots.

  • The matches will begin at 6.30pm before the association breaks up for Christmas.
  • The association will pick up again of January 6
  • Merry Christmas