Emma Zirkel joins the Murray Valley Standard team

I’ll start by introducing myself, my name is Emma Zirkel. I joined the Murray Valley Standard Team following a brief hiatus in my journalism career.

I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2016 with a double degree in Law and Media. As a student I completed work experience with The Advertiser. I started 2017 with an internship at KeyPoint Law in Sydney, where I found myself at a cross roads in my career. While I’m fascinated by the law I was always more interested in learning about it than practicing it. 

I’ve always known that I wanted to pursue a career which would allow me to write for a living and have been lucky enough to share the stories of people in various communities across the state.

Following my stint in Sydney I made the move to Roxby Downs to work as the journalist for The Monitor. This proved to be a fantastic learning experience which saw me thrown into the deep end as the only journalist in a two person editorial team.

I’m originally from the Adelaide Hills and spent a good part of my childhood growing up in rural Germany, so I have been accustomed to the country life for quite some time now.

I love being involved in a close-knit community and it is a privilege to meet with and share the stories of the people within in this region.

I have always enjoyed writing but my passion was ignited when I first picked up a copy of the Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan in my final year of high school at Cornerstone College.

I follow closely the work of fellow Fairfax journo and former Adelaide girl Clementine Ford and am a passionate advocate for gender equality. 

I’m delighted to be jumping on board at The Murray Valley Standard and look forward to hearing your stories. I can be contacted on 0476 802 004 or emma.zirkel@fairfaxmedia.com.au.