Swanport strike again | PHOTOS

Sportsmen's Danielle Daish

Sportsmen's Danielle Daish


Postel vs Schools

Postel won a last gasp thriller against Schools in Saturday’s round of lawn tennis.

In near perfect conditions, Schools – despite being without four of their top six players – snuck out to a two set lead after the early doubles with Nathan Bolt and Ash Temby capturing a great tiebreak win in the top doubles to help them eke out the advantage.

Postel however levelled proceedings by taking seven of the twelve singles with club champion Anthony Lapinskas having a solid 9-5 win over Ash Temby in the top singles.

He was helped along the way by youngster Aidan Morrell who after a slow start got the better of Olivia Bolt in the third singles while Zach Wachtel, Dave Crouch, Kobe Allen, Connor Watson and Jason Crouch all had comfortable wins for Postel.

Schools players Nathan Bolt and Tony Juergens had good wins with Bolt surviving an epic tiebreak against Hermann Magerkorth in the second singles.

Alex Hein got the better of Tom Daniel while Kate Barnes and Jess Barolo battled their way to tight wins.

Sets were tied at nine apiece coming into the reverse doubles where Schools picked up three of the first five played however with Postel well ahead on games it came down to the last set and Anthony Lapinskas and Aidan Morrell were able to get over the line against Nathan and Olivia Bolt to give Postel the points on games.

Swanport vs Sportsmen

Swanport continued their stellar season with a comfortable win against the struggling Sportsmen side.

Sportsmen were able to field their best side for some time however Swanport were strengthened by the return of some key players and had the perfect start by capturing all six early doubles with the pairings of Will Crane and Jack Daniels and Albert Goodridge and David Schenscher not dropping a game.

Sportsmen were competitive in the singles with Andrew Ahrens having a good win over Albert Goodridge, Phil Marks struck form at theexpense of Will Crane while young guns Holly Temby and Danielle Daish both recorded 6-3 wins.

For the “Swannies” Dave Altmann had a great set with young Ralph Catipay, Leigh Ryswyk was pushed all the way by Matthew Ahrens while Jack Daniels, Jacob Godden, Mick Godden, Sarah Crane, David Schenscher and Genna Harkness all recorded comfortable wins.

With the points locked away before the reverse doubles Swanport were able to add another four sets to their tally to run out twelve set winners.


After the wash out last week it was good to see the sun shining this week with just enough breeze to keep players cool and the occasional stronger gust to make play interesting.

Doubles had two very close matches which both came down to the final set before a winner was found.

Hot Shots vs Bridge Crows

This week Hot Shots pulled off the ultimate challenge, beating the top and previously undefeated Bridge Crows.

Crows pair Bob Hancock and Lorraine Vickers had a reasonable easy win, 7-3 in the first set of the day.

But Hot Shots reversed this result in the next set with a win to Kathy Pfeiffer and Gerry Korzeba.

In the ladies double Bridge Crows jumped out to a 3-1 lead after the first round of serves and were able to maintain this two game break throughout the match.

With the score at 6-4 Yvonne Przibilla served consistently to give Crows their seventh game and a 7-4 win.

At the end of the first round of games Bridge Crows led two sets to one.

Hot Shots were able to draw level when Eric Baker and Korzeba won their set 7-2.

Then Pfeiffer and Sharon Watson were too strong for Kevin Prosser and Lyn Bald taking this set 7-3 and giving Hot Shots the lead for the first time.

However Vickers and Przibilla were able to win their set for Crows and at the start of the final round, everything was set for an exciting finish with the score at 3 sets all.

Baker and Pfeiffer put up a strong front against Hancock and Prosser and this set went on to become a long hard struggle which Crows eventually won 7-5.

A win to Shots duo Korzeba and Joy Morris after another long tussle (7-5) saw the scores tied together again at 4 all and it was all up to the final set players to decide the result of the match.

This ladies double had Crows combination of Vickers and L.Bald begin confidently while Hot Shots couldn’t seem to do anything right and the score blew out to 5-0.

At this point Elsie Grobler and Watson decided it was do or die and the tables began to turn in their favour as they fought their way back into the match.

After many long rallies and several deuce games the score was back to five-all and Crows knew they had a battle on their hands.

At six-all a tie break ensued.

Hot Shots were on a roll and were able to win their way to a 7-4 tie result giving Hot Shots not only the set but also the entire match.

Final scores were Hot Shots five sets 50 games to Bridge Crows four sets 49 games.

Gerry Korzeba was the only player to win all three sets.

River Aces vs Twin Bridges

Owen Morrell and Val Scott played well for Aces when they defeated Jack Reddin and Michelle Saye 7-4.

Then Twin Bridges began their fight for supremacy when Ben Bowman and Mark Scott defeated Ray Rossiter and Rylie Pearce 7-4.

Bridges pair Anne Howell and Lorraine Graetz started strongly when they led 3-1 after the first round of serves.

With three players on court carrying injuries this was a battle of the injured, but Bridges proved too strong winning 7-4.

The second round began with Bridges 2 sets to one up and they added to their lead when they also took the next two sets.

Reddin and M Scott won 7-4 while Bowman and Howell won 7-3.

However in the third set of this round river Aces came out firing and were soon 5-2 up before Bridges players Saye and Graetz began to fight back to trail 5-6.

But V Scott and Hardin held on and took this set 7-5.

The final round began with Twin Bridges leading four sets to two.

This lead was whittled away quickly when River Aces took the first two sets of the final round both at 7-4. Morrell and Rossiter proved to be too strong for Reddin and Bowman.

In the other set Aces started strongly to lead 5-1.

Pearce was serving Aces and Harden was having lots of luck with balls hitting the net and dribbling over.

For Bridges M Scott ‘s reflexes at net were brilliant as he returned shots with unexpected winners and Bridges worked their way back into the game having won three in a row to trail 4-5.

But Aces dug deep and held the final two games to win.

With the set score all square the results of this match were also down to the final set. V Scott and Oliver . Aces faced Saye and Howell, Bridges.

Howell played a very steady game with occasional short across court winners thrown in. There were many long rallies as the score crept along to four-all before Bridges hit the front to lead 5-4.

With their noses in front Bridges kept up the pressure and were able to take the final two games as well, winning 7-4 and giving the match to Bridges.

Final scores were Twin Bridges five sets 52 games to River Aces four sets 47 games.

Anne Howell was the only player to win all three sets in this match.