How well do you know South Australia?

Are you a true Croweater? Discover how much you really know about the state of hidden delights.

Whether it is iconic landmarks, special food that tickles our taste buds or amazing people who have put the state on the map, why not take our special quiz to see if you know all there is to know about South Australia. 

Ratings: From the 50 questions discover how well you have done.

1-10: You must be new to the area – that can be the only explanation

11-20: You find only certain things interesting, whether its sports, history or geography etc.

21-30: You are beginning to broaden your horizons, keep working on it

31-40: You look like a South Aussie, talk like a South Aussie – you must be a South Aussie

41-50: You are all knowing – one of the best to have around on trivia night