Too Ugg-ly for public consumption?

As offences go, it's one of your more peculiar. Not very rock'n'roll at all in fact.

Joanne Catherall of synth pop band Human League has been, er, booted out of a Qantas business lounge. No, she hadn't necked 17 midori and lemonades and abused a fellow traveller, or belted out a karaoke version of Don't You Want Me while standing on the dining table. Her crime? Wearing Ugg boots.

Apparently the national carrier still considers Ugg boots sleepwear.

In the middle of the band's tour of Australia, Catherall was waiting for a flight in Melbourne when she was bailed up by one of the airline's staff, told of her breach of their rules and politely ejected from the business lounge.

Catherall took to Twitter to vent her anger, asking why the airline considers the boots slippers when no one else in the world does.

According to the Evening Standard, a Qantas spokeswoman said: "We completely understand that no one likes being declined at the door but we've always had smart casual dress standards for our lounges, which are similar for those in place for most clubs and restaurants.

"Over the past couple of years we have had clear feedback from lounge members that they wanted these existing guidelines to be applied more rigorously."

For the record, guidelines for Qantas domestic lounges specify some items of clothing are too casual or inappropriate. "This includes, but is not limited to: Thongs and bare feet; Head to toe gym wear; Beachwear (including board shorts); Sleepwear (including UGG Boots and slippers); Clothing featuring offensive images or slogans; Revealing, unclean or torn clothing."

Ugg boots have long been the footwear of choice for rock stars, models and various other VIPs. Clearly Qantas didn't get the memo.