Male giraffe baby born at Monarto Zoo

CUTE: Monarto Zoo's new baby boy. Photo: Supplied.

CUTE: Monarto Zoo's new baby boy. Photo: Supplied.

Monarto Zoo have welcomed a very cute new addition to their growing family of giraffes. 

A male calf was born late in the afternoon on December 9 and is the first for mother Korongo. 

Giraffe keeper Vaughan Wilson said the bundle of joy was settling in well with the rest of the group, joining one of the largest giraffe herds in the country.

“The little one has been busy getting to know the other giraffes in the herd, especially the two other youngsters who are very keen to play," he said.

“The older giraffes are fascinated with the new arrival as well. There has been a lot of sniffing going on and they are watching the young one very closely.

“Of course doting mum, Korongo, is always looking on to make sure her baby is safe and happy.”

The 10-day-old baby, whose sex is not yet known, is already bringing joy to visitors who have been lucky enough to see it exploring its home in the waterhole exhibit.

“We’re very excited to have another baby join our herd,’ Vaughan said.

"Giraffe calves are very cute so we are expecting lots of people to welcome our newest baby to the zoo during the summer holidays."

Monarto Zoo is proud to be the most successful giraffe breeding facility in Australasia, with the not-so-little baby marking the 43rd calf to be born at the zoo.

The baby joy is set to continue at Monarto Zoo, with another giraffe, Thula, due to give birth in the coming weeks.