Murraylands sport results

Maureen Johnson (part of the winning team who won the Mixed Ambrose) sitting on Father Christmas’s lap.
Maureen Johnson (part of the winning team who won the Mixed Ambrose) sitting on Father Christmas’s lap.


Men’s Golf

108 players lined up on Saturday for the Murray Bridge Hotel ‘Greenkeeper’s Revenge’ Four person - Christmas Ambrose.

This strong field, consisting of members, visitors and several non-golfers, all faced the brutal, conniving, sneaky, take-no-prisoners layout, set by our ever so cunning green-keeper Mal. 

Holes half the normal size placed in vicarious positions on slopes and behind bunkers made some holes somewhat very difficult to drop even the shortest of putts. 

On a couple of holes he did however, bring out his generous side! He provided more than one hole to aim at, especially the 11th green which had seven flags.

Aside from these unusual hazards there were some very good scores with the winners of the Men’s Ambrose scoring a magnificent 12 under par, nett 49 and five-eighths

Congratulations go to Andrew Meddle, Mark Bolton, Rob Walters and Mildy Raveane.

Runners-up in the Men’s comp were David Graham, Mark Sappenberghs, Stuart Keough and Alan Woolstencroft.

Winners of the Mixed Ambrose with a score of nett 64 were our legendary locals, in club president Roger Wickes, Dianne Wickes, Sue Antel and Maureen Johnson.  

Rumour has it that Roger was propped up by the ladies all day, but he is in denial. 

Runners up with a score of 65 and three-eighths were Heather Fromm, Shane Fromm, Cathy Thomas and Jeff Tubbenhauer.

In the Non-Golfers Ambrose, consisting of a combination of some with and some without official handicaps, the top honours here went to Mason Merritt, James Clarke, James Moss and Sam Demichele with a nett 52 and three-eighths. (These blokes also won the Best Dressed award in their refined “Santa’s helpers” costumes.)  

Runners-up in the Non-Golfers were Randall Cocks, Kym Cocks, Dwayne Cocks and Luke Harrowfield with a nett 54. 

NTP’s went to James Moss on second, Rob Walters fourth, Graham Edwards sixth, Trent Paech 11th Jeremy Scannell 14th and Mark Bolton 17th and Ladies NTP on fourth was Cathy Thomas.

Saturday December 30

Enigmatic golfer John Barwick won the day with good solid golf with some breathtaking iron play when least expected being the highlight of his round.

Normally slow to begin Barwick played a very good front nine gathering 19 points before cutting loose on his favourite part of the course to rack up another 22 points on the back nine for an excellent haul of 41. This was just enough to edge out fellow "C" grader Jeff "Stuff" Hall on a countback to claim the days major prize of a $66 voucher.

Rob Walters has worked his way back into "A" grade ranks and he celebrated with a quality 38 point round. This was enough for the former single figure golfer to win his division finishing a stroke ahead of Pottsy who shot 37 points.

"Long John" Bell has been on and off the scene lately with injury but he returned with a vengeance to record yet another "better than his age " round of 38 points to win the "B" grade. Shaun Williams was runner up with 37 points having beaten father Luke off the stick in their weekly side comp.

Over in "C " grade "Stuff" Hall stunned his colleagues, not to mention himself, by scoring a 4 for 4 on the 1st before tallying a stunning 24 points on the front nine. This from a man who once scored just the 2 points on the front nine before showing startling improvement with 23 on the back! On this occasion he managed a still respectable 17 on the back nine to close with a total of 41 and an easy win over Squashy Squires who had a fine day nonetheless with 38 points.

Some big names headlined the voucher winners with Terry Marsh foremost among them with 37 points.

Almost having talked Pro circuit player and good mate Jason Norris into having a round with him on the day Marshy thought he'd better perform anyway and this he certainly did.

It would have been interesting to see what handicap Norris would have played off but maybe another day. 

Barry Richardson and Ben Dawson also scored 37 points apiece while "Slasher" McGlashan and Jared Thoman had 36 point rounds.

Thoman, playing off scratch, had 16 pars, a bogey and a birdie in another impressive display around the tight circuit. 35 point scorers included James Clarke, Gary Pearson, the elegant Andrew Meddle, Mason Merritt, Captain Secker and Gavin Sanderson. 

There was nothing special in the exotic prizes department with no eagles or holes in one recorded although, having said that, a hole in one is surely due any round now due to the law of averages. The days winner John Barwick claimed the back nine Pro comp with his quality 22 point effort with his amazing 4 for 4 from big trouble on the 13th being the highlight.

A stroke round is scheduled for this Saturday but the weather forecast looks to be on the sizzling side so if the hot weather policy is enforced the comp will revert back to Stableford.

Women’s Golf

Tuesday January 2

A small group of women returned to golf after the Christmas New Year break to enjoy ideally cool playing conditions. It was a par round won by Ellen Paech with a score of one down.

Ellen also won nearest the pin on the second shot on the second hole. Maureen Johnson was Runner up on a count back from Deanna Prosser, both of whom had fourdown.

Sue Antel and Kathy Pfeiffer also played well with Sue ahead of Kathy on a count back. They both had a score of five down.

Saturday December 30 was a Stableford competition. Sarah Christie won the day with a convincing score of 35 points and Cathy Thomas won nearest the pin on the 11th hole.

Dates to Remember: Week beginning April 8 – Rotary Golf Week, April 19-22 – Masters Games, April 25-27- PGA.

Mason Merritt, James Clarke, James Moss and Sam DeMichele winners of both the Non Golfers Ambrose and the Best Dressed Award.

Mason Merritt, James Clarke, James Moss and Sam DeMichele winners of both the Non Golfers Ambrose and the Best Dressed Award.