1983: Night-time shopping dangerous? | PHOTOS

January 1983: Exhange student Leanne Greening, with her councellor Dean Butler, left, and Club President Malcolm Clark.
January 1983: Exhange student Leanne Greening, with her councellor Dean Butler, left, and Club President Malcolm Clark.

The lives of young children and the elderly were put at risk in Murray Bridge's main street on Christmas Eve, according to some traders.

Bells’ manager Mrs Beryl Lush said on Tuesday it was the first time in in her 27 years in the town, the main street was not closed to traffic for Christmas Eve shopping. 

“Keeping streets open didn’t hurt my trade, but cars were a hazard for the many people trying to do their shopping. Many parents brought their children along, expecting the streets to be closed.”

Mrs Lush said she had received many complaints from shoppers and other traders, and intended writing to the District Council. 

No bar to drug aids

Murray Bridge police say there’s nothing they can do to prevent the sale of marijuana bongs (pipes) or books on ‘how to grow marijuana’ from a Murray Bridge store.

A CIB spokesperson said, on Tuesday, that sale of the 'aids’ was no illegal. “Unless we can prove the pipe has actually been used for smoking the drug the owner can claim it is merely an ornament.”

Manageress of the store concerned (an Indian-wear shop, upstairs in Bridge Street premises) says she sells the pipes as ornaments, but that people ‘can do what they like with them’.

There was good demand for the ‘how-to’ books. 

Women honoured

To Lower Murray women were named in the Governor’s New Year honours list. 

Mrs Aileen Wilson was awarded an MBE for service to Aboriginal people; and Mrs Shirley Nolan was awarded a British Empire medal for service to education. 

Mrs Wilson, 66, of Jarvis Street, Murray Bridge, has worked for the welcome of Aboriginals in the Lower Murat for years. She was instrumental in establishment on the Lower Murray Nungas Club, and worked for about 18 months voluntarily before the Nungas Club received funding to employ her, seven years ago.  

Mrs Nolan, of Marten Street, Mypolonga, has served to periods totallinh six years as President of the South Australian Association of School Parent Clubs (SAASPAC). She is now secretary. 

SAASPAC encourages parental involvement in children’s schooling. 

Both women will receive their awards from the Governor at a ceremony in Adelaide during March.

Exchange student

Mobilong Rotary Club’s first exchange student, Leanne Greening, will leave for British Colombia, on Sunday, January 23. 

Hosted by the Rotary Club of Merritt, Leanne will live with four families during her 12-month visit.