Test yourself with superquiz and Target

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How many words of four letters or more can you make from those shown here? Each letter may be used once per word. Each word must contain the centre letter and there must be at least one nine-letter word. No plurals ending in "s"; no foreign words; no proper names. Source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary.

Today's Target: 16 words, good; 24 words, very good; 32 words, excellent.

Yesterday's Target: aged agile aglet badge bagel begat begot bigot bigoted bilge blag blog bodega bodge bogie doge dotage gable gabled gait gaited gale gaol gaoled gate gated geld gelid geoid geta gibe gibed giblet gila gild gilt gite glad glade glia glib glide glei gloat gloated glob globe goad goal goalie goat goblet godetia gold legato legit ligate ligated lodge obligate OBLIGATED oblige obliged ogle ogled toga

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