Electric fault blamed for fire

On Sunday all roads were reopened following a bushfire in Sherwood.

Police and CFS crews asked those who intend to drive through the area to stay away and take caution as dangers of falling trees and downed powerlines were still present.

A bushfire advice message for Sherwood, McCallum and Makin was issued by the CFS to advise that the fire was still burning in the Upper South East of SA but is now contained.

It was alleged by authorities on Tuesday that the fire was caused due to a faulty electric fence and confirmed that 78 head of cattle and almost 2,000 sheep were lost as the blaze burned through 12,000 hectares of farmland.

SAPOL warned smoke may be present in the area for a number of days. For information about bushfires and updates in your local area check the CFS website at www.cfs.sa.gov.au.