1949: Beekeepers stung by truck rollover

When a five-tonne truck, carrying 95 hives, overturned at a railway crossing near Tailem Bend last Sunday morning, dense swarms of bees – angry at being disturbed, swarmed over broken hives and boxes across the road-way and, menacing passing traffic. 

The driver of the truck, Mr Edward Newton, his son Keith, and Mr Roger Swincer, all of Keith, were trapped in the cabin of the truck when it overturned. 

The cabin was badly smashed and to extricate themselves, they had to break through the windscreen and crawl out. Their only injuries were a few scratches. 

Boys choir sing at Town Hall

Murray Bridge was the first provincial town in the State to extend a welcome to members of the Australian Boys’ Choir, which arrived in the town on Friday morning last from Melbourne. 

The boys, all of whom were schoolgoing age, were under the management of Mr Vincent J. Kelly, DMSV and Mr David Fox accompanist.

On arrival at Murray Bridge railway stationthe party was conducted by the Mayor (Mr C C Cooke) the secretary of the Murray Bridge Community Committee (Mr AJ Clark) to the Town Hall, where hosts were awaiting the lads to take to the various homes.  

Negative reply from control board 

At its meeting on Monday last, the Mayor informed members of the Murray Bridge Corporation that he had received a reply from the Transport Control Board with regard to the reinstatement of the road service to and from Murray Bridge, and the reply had been in the negative. 

The reply received from the Board was as follows: “As promised by the Board at the Public Meeting held at Murray Bridge on November 22, the Board has reviewed the transport facilities between Murray Bridge and Adelaide, having regard to the submissions made and the views expressed at the above meeting. 

“After giving consideration to all relevant factors, the Board has decided that the present road service between Murray Bridge, Kanmantoo and Adelaide should not be extended.”

Ozone Theatre Attractions

The next attraction at the Ozone Theatre will be Paramount’s film version of the hit play “Dear Ruth”. The picture, which co-stars William Holden and Joan Caulfield, opens tonight (Friday) and boasts a supporting cast that includes Billy De Wolfe, Edward Arnold, Mona Freeman, Mary Phillips, Virginia Welles and Kenny O’Morrison.

The story of “Dear Ruth” revolves about romantic letters wrutten to a homesick soldier by a precocious sixteen-year-old, in her older sister’s name. 

The sister, played by Miss Caulfield, is entirely unaware of “her” romance-by-correspondence. 

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Looking back at this day in history


A blue-green algae outbreak put the already struggling eco-system of Lake Alexandrina and Albert under further stress.

20 YEARS AGO, JANUARY 13, 1998

Planned maintenance by Mid Murray Council to recompact dirt roads was seen as a temporary solution by some residents.

40 YEARS AGO, JANUARY 12, 1978

A bikie party held at Lake Alexandrina’s Jockwar Reserve left the area littered with smashed bottles and spent shotgun cartridges, a shooting occurred which saw one man wounded. 


41 milk industry employees attended a meeting at Town Hall to form a union sub-branch, which sought an award for workers engaged in the manufacture of milk products.