Odour message for Murray Bridge

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been working with Thomas Foods International (TFI) and its contractors for the appropriate removal and transport of the animal carcasses destroyed or spoiled by the fire at its Murray Bridge abattoir.

The material is being transported to a local licensed landfill for disposal in a properly lined and prepared cell. Some short-term odour issues can be anticipated during the removal and transporting of the carcasses to a local landfill.

Residents may experience an unpleasant smell, however this odour is not harmful to health.

An EPA spokesperson said they understood this may be of concern to some people.

All trucks involved in the disposal of the carcasses will be washed out at the landfill after delivery before returning to the TFI site.

This will assist in reducing odour in the area.

“We thank the community for their understanding and patience,” the spokesperson said.