Swanport sneak home tough win | PHOTOS


RETURN: Swanport's Kelvin Farnham.. . Photo: William Bailey.

RETURN: Swanport's Kelvin Farnham.. . Photo: William Bailey.

Swanport vs Postel

Reigning Premier Swanport started the New Year with a hard-fought victory over Postel in Saturday’s round of senior lawn tennis.

In the windy conditions it was Postel who got the early advantage with good wins to top pairing Anthony Lapinskas and Hermann Magerkorth and third pairing of Zach Wachtel and the wily Rob Butcher. 

The early wins saw the pairs sneak their team out to a two set lead.

Swanport hit back in the singles winning nine of the twelve sets on offer.

David Altmann had a great tie-break win over club champion Anthony Lapinskas, while Sarah Crane and Jacob Godden both won tight affairs against their respective opponents in Caitlin Waechter and Aidan Morrell.

Leigh Ryswyk, Will Crane, Mick Godden, Kelvin Farnham, Albert Goodridge and Riley Morrell all had comfortable wins for the Swannies.

For Postel, Ben Gregory battled his way to victory while youngsters Kobe Allen and Jack Lannan won with ease.

With Swanport now holding a four set lead coming into the reverse doubles Postel dug deep to win four of the six reverse doubles sets, with two being tiebreak wins. 

However there efforts were not enough and the Swannies managed to sneak home by two sets to consolidate top spot on the ladder

Schools vs Sportsmen

Schools took on Sportsmen in the other fixture and with both teams missing players. 

Because of this, the weekend’s match was played with ten players each.

Schools got the perfect start winning all five opening doubles with Nathan and Olivia Bolt teaming up to win a tough 9-7 encounter against Jack Joy and David Schulz.

Schools continued to dominate proceedings in the singles winning seven of the ten contested.

Top pair Jason Bormann and Ash Temby were in great touch as too Daniel Altmann with this trio not dropping a game.

Olivia Bolt, Kurtis Madigan and Jason Hampel had tough wins, the latter surviving a close tiebreak against Ben Hattam while Alex Hein had a comfortable win.

For Sportsmen David Schulz used his experience to see off Tony Juergens while Jack Joy had a great win over Nathan Bolt.

With the points already in the bag Schools went on to win all but one of the reverse doubles to run out big twelve set winners. 


REACH: Swanport's David Altmann

REACH: Swanport's David Altmann

Bridge Crows vs Community Club

In very windy and trying conditions doubles tennis re-commenced after the holiday break.

In the first set of the day, played with top and third man pairings, Bob Hancock and Michael Reardon, Crows, faced Barry Noye and John Bryan.

This was a long and closely contested match where many games went to deuce.

In fact, in one game Bryan served his way through 10 deuces.

Despite some good forehand passing shots by Reardon the match went into a tie break.

This was eventually won by Noye and Bryan 4-7 to give Community Club its first set.

Club also won the other two sets in this round, both 7-4 to lead 3-0.

Another tie break was played in the top ladies double between Kathy Pfeiffer and Jill Woolford, Crows against Michelle Saye and Anne Howell.

In this match all players were using short drop shots when against the wind to produce winners.

The score remained close throughout as it crept towards six-all.

Then Club again walked off as winners with a 9-7 tie break.

Crows first win was the top men’s double between Hancock and Barry Griffiths challenging Noye and Kevin Prosser for Club.

The score was 7-2.

A third tie break, this time in the top mixed double, went Crows way.

Hancock and Pfeiffer had to work hard for every point against Noye and Saye but were finally able to hang on to win the tie 9-7.

Crows only other win for the day was the ladies double between Woolford and Marg Hampton opposed to Howell and Ruth Miller.

Once again players struggled to control shots in the windy conditions but Crows slowly gained the upper hand to win 7-4.

Final scores were Community Club six sets 54 games to Bridge Crows three sets 45 games.

The only player to win all three sets was John Bryan from Club.

Hot Shots vs River Aces

SERVE: Postel's Zach Wachtel. Photos: William Bailey.

SERVE: Postel's Zach Wachtel. Photos: William Bailey.

Hot Shots started well when they won the top men’s double 7-3 between Shots, Eric Baker and Rod Williams and Aces, Owen Morrell and Robert Howell.

However the next two sets went Aces way when Ray Rossiter and Judy Oliver won their mixed double 7-3 and Val Scott and Deanna Harden won their match 7-1.

The only tie break set in this match was in the second round when Shots pair, Williams and Joy Morris faced Howell and Deanna Harden in a mixed double. Shots finally won the closely contested tie break 9-7.

Morrell and Ray Rossiter were successful for Aces in their set against Baker and Ben Bowman, winning 7- 4.

The final round began with the score tied at three sets all and it was anybody’s game.

Val Scott, paired with Morrell was successful against Elsie Grobler and Baker giving Aces another set 7-3 Ben Bowman and Williams withstood the challenge from Rossiter and Howell 7-3.

This brought Shots level again and to make the result depend upon the last set.

This final set was a ladies double between Shots Sharon Watson and Morris facing Oliver and Harden.

Although play was still effected by the wind the Aces duo played well and won 7-3.

Final scores were River Aces five sets 52 games to Hot Shots four sets 42 games.

Rod Williams, in his return match from an overseas trip, was the only player to win all three sets.