Juniors do club proud | PHOTOS

 Alistair Neumann. Photo: Supplied.

Alistair Neumann. Photo: Supplied.

A small but dedicated team made the very long trip to Broken Hill to compete at the 2018 SA Country Championships from January 5-8.

Around 30 teams from across the state came together to compete at the Broken Hill Aquatic Centre in very hot summer conditions.

Three junior swimmers competed in the Superfish Competition on the very first night of competition.

Esther Neumann swam a nine second personal best in her 50 Freestyle.

Ruby Montgomery-Pittaway and Asher Neumann swam in Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke and achieved personal best times in all three swims.

Ruby smashed her previous time in Breaststroke by 12 seconds and saw great improvement in her freestyle.

Asher managed to get under 50 seconds and achieved a new personal best in his freestyle of 46.46.

A new 100 metre time trial at the countries was available with the 25 metre indoor pool.

Leanne Pittaway and Rachel Neumann were very pleased to set great times of 1.50.48 and 1.55.74 in the medley.

Saturday morning started early to avoid 43 degree forecast.

Laura Cummings placed ninth with a new personal best time in the 400 freestyle.

Abbey Cummings collected, in the Multi-Class swims, winning gold in the 50 Freestyle and two Bronz, in the 200 metre and 100 Breaststroke.

Paris Montgomery-Pittaway sliced 1.73 seconds off her 100 Breaststroke time, as did Alistair Neumann, with an impressive 11 seconds off his time and Samuel Montgomery-Pittaway with 1.73 seconds as well.

Laura and Abbey Cummings competed in the 50 Freestyle Event (over 123 swimmers), along with Ophelia Neumann and swam strong consistent swims in their age groups with Paris Montgomery-Pittaway and Alistair Neumann setting new personal best times.

Abbey and Laura Cummings had a tough field of swimmers in their 200 metre swim, with the girls finishing the day with a good result.

Sunday morning had a slightly cooler feel to it, but still forecast to be a 40 degree day – so once again Timed Finals for all swims were set for the day, to finish by 12.30pm, before the heat set in for the afternoon.

All four girls – Abbey and Laura Cummings, Paris Montgomery-Pittaway and Ophelia Neumann did an exceptional job in the 200 Freestyle where close to 100 swimmers competed.

Abbey took-out out the Silver in the Multi-Class section and Ophelia took over a second off her personal best.

Paris Montgomery-Pittaway smashed her personal best by a whopping 8.5 seconds, a truly special effort.  

Alistair Neumann topped the day off by destroying his 200 Freestyle time by 32.14 seconds.

What an outstanding effort, showing that his past month of consistent hard training had paid off.

The 50 Butterfly had Abbey Cummings sticking close to her personal best, but taking out gold in the Multi-Class.

Ophelia Neumann continued to improve her personal best by .01.

Any time off a personal best is a good sign of continuing improvement.

Samuel Montgomery-Pittaway swam a superb 200 Breaststroke in a strong Open field, but continuing to improve his personal best by almost four seconds.

The 50 Backstroke event saw Paris Montgomery-Pittaway and Abbey Cummings, taking over a second off their personal best times.

Abbey and Laura Cummings secured both the gold and silver medals in the Multi-Class event. 

A great day had by all with lots of times falling from our amazing senior swimmers.

Monday morning was another day filled with eagerly awaiting swims form our swimmers.

The first event for the team was the 50 metre Breaststroke where Laura and Abbey Cummings took our first and third places in the Multi-Class section.

Paris Montgomery-Pittaway shaved 1.5 second off her personal best and Samuel Montgomery-Pittaway, in his favourite event of the meet, took 1 second off and securing a bronze medal for himself.

The 100 metre Freestyle was up next and the only swim for Oscar Neumann. He didn’t disappoint anyone here – slicing off a whopping 4.4 secs off his personal best.

Alistair Neumann also didn’t disappoint, taking a massive 4.70 off his personal best.

Paris Montgomery-Pittaway, continuing in her championships success, sliced another 2.51 secs off her time.

Ophelia Neumann and Laura Cummings also swam well. Abbey Cummings took out another first in the Multiclass section.

The four girls swum in the 4 x 50 Freestyle, where they managed a fourth place. 

They also swam in the 4 x 200 Freestyle event, putting in a huge performance with the girls coming in fifth place in a very tough field.

Samuel Montgomery-Pittaway and Alistair Neumann were lucky enough to also swim in District Relays where they both swam confidently, with Alistair’s 10 -16 year old 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay, taking out second place.

The weekend was a huge success for a team of seven swimmers, with over 30 clubs participating and with some events having 100 swimmers in the field.

All of our swimmers took seconds off their personal best times, leaving our competitors with a feeling of confidence and well worth the trip.

They all swam superbly, doing the club proud, once again.

A special thanks goes to our president and life member Daniel Martin who spent the entire weekend doing the official duties – and so much more.

Thank you Daniel from all of our swimmers and committee.