1999: A flash downpour of rain damaged Monarto resident Gail Carter's home on Thursday afternoon, flooding her property.
1999: A flash downpour of rain damaged Monarto resident Gail Carter's home on Thursday afternoon, flooding her property.

From the archives of The Murray Valley Standard, February 16, 1999.

On Thursday afternoon, Monarto resident Gail Carter was watering her garden which – like most gardens – was starved of moisture with the hot temperatures. 

Little did she know what was about to hit her next in what can only be described as a freak of nature. 

Just as she entered her house, a gust of wind came over the home and withing 10 minutes, two and a half inches of rain had fallen and, flooding her property.

“It came on very quickly - and then it just poured,” Ms Carter said.

“I was standing in the garden and felt a bit of a breeze; I went inside and then everything just started shuddering.”

Left to clean up the mess and damage, including about eight broken windows, Ms Carter said she was dumbfounded as to the freak occurrence. 

It is the second time Ms Carter has had to overcome such conditions; in 1996 she lost all her goats during a storm which hit the Murraylands in October of that year. 

Action against pokie licence transfer proposal

Opponents of poker machines at Dundee’s Wildlife Park at Murray Bridge are planning new action. 

Hearing of an application to transfer the Meeky’s Pool Hotel licence to Dundee’s Wildlife Park is set to begin before Judge Brian Kelly in the Licensing Court in Adelaide on Monday. 

No Pokies’ Nick Xenophon has taken up the cause as MP and lawyer on behalf of the group objecting to poker machines going to Dundee’s. 

Mr Xenophon said that before Dundee’s could get a licence for poker machines, it needed to gain a hotel licence and was proposing to transfer the licence from Meeky’s Pool Hotel to Dundee’s. 

No Pokies was campaigning against this transfer of licence on behalf of other parties who did not want to see more poker machines to the town and in a traditional family and children’s venue.  

Have your say on education

Murray Bridge people will soon have more say on how their schools are run. 

A consultation meeting to develop education policies and services designed to better reflect the individual needs of the community, has been planned on a date still to be confirmed.

Murray Bridge is one of almost 30 communities in the state’s country areas where these consultation meetings are being planned. 

Top teams do battle

The battle for top position in Murray Towns A grade cricket, between Monarto and Wanderers, remains in suspense after the first day’s play of the penultimate minor round of matches on Saturday. 


Police were angry as 11 drivers were reported for drink driving in two weeks, including one who blew 0.185.


There will be no odours coming from a pig abattoir to be built in Brinkley, according to Murray Bridge Bacon project manager David Litchfield. 


The Wellington Courthouse was given a lifeline following an announcement of a $14,500 Commonwealth grant to restore parts of the 19th century building.


The SA Outboard Motorboat Club held an event in Murray Bridge with 11 boats competing in various races.