State Government announces world's largest power plant will create over 500 renewable energy jobs

Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill. Photo: Supplied.
Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill. Photo: Supplied.

South Australia is set to become home to the world’s largest virtual power plant, a project expected to lower energy bills for participating households by 30% and create more than 500 renewable energy jobs.

The State Government unveiled its plan to create a network of at least 50,000 home solar and battery systems across the state on Sunday.

A trial has commenced which will see 1100 Housing Trust properties installed with a 5kW solar panel system and 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery funded through the sale of electricity.

Following the trial a further 24,000 Housing Trust homes are set to have systems installed, with a plan for over 50,000 households to participate over the next four years.

Premier Jay Weatherill said “more renewable energy” will result in cheaper power for all South Australians, and more jobs for the future.

“We will use people’s home as a way to generate energy for the South Australian grid, with participating households benefiting with significant savings in their energy,” he said.

“South Australian jobs are our number one priority, and I want South Australia to be the epicentre of the renewable energy industry.

“We want South Australian companies to reap the benefits of our major renewable energy projects, which is why we insisted upon local manufacturing for the virtual power plant.”

Minister for Energy Tom Koutsantonis added that thousands of solar and battery systems will be connected through the project “ to make one giant, coordinated virtual power plant”.

“This is a booming global industry and we want as many jobs in this sector as possible created here in South Australia.”