A Tailem Bend woman was allegedly caught drug driving last Friday

A 42 year-old Tailem Bend woman was stopped, for travelling at 115km/h in a 100 km/h speed zone, in Rockleigh last Friday just after 6pm.

She was drug tested and returned an alleged positive reading to methamphetamine. 

She was issued with a driver direction notice for 24 hours and may face further charges.

A 25 year-old man from Parafield Gardens was reported for driving without due care and allegedly recorded false entries in his work diary after he was stopped at Tailem Bend on Friday.

Police stopped a truck driver on the Princes Highway at 3.30pm last Friday after reports were received about their manner of driving.

A check of the driver’s work diary revealed false reports had allegedly been made in regard to his work and rest information.

He will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date.