Karoonda hosted a chipblitz event which saw 75 pets get micro-chipped

Changes to state legislation introduced in July 2017 – which requires dogs and cats to be microchipped by July 1 –  this year has put the pressure on pet owners to comply with the regulations in a timely manner.

A dog receives a micro-chip at the Karoonda chipblitz event on February 4.

A dog receives a micro-chip at the Karoonda chipblitz event on February 4.

Karoonda East Murray Council have taken a proactive approach to looming legislation, with more than 75 dogs and cats micro-chipped at a chipblitz event at Karoonda on February 4.

Of the 350 pets registered within council boundaries, nearly a quarter were micro-chipped at the event which was deemed a “great outcome” by chief executive Matthew Morgan and has encouraged pet owners to be proactive in having their pets micro-chipped.

“The success of the recent chipblitz event has given council a good head start on these laws coming into effect,” he said.

“Council is encouraging all dog and cat owners in the area to be aware of and educate themselves about the upcoming changes, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to get their pets micro-chipped.”

Mr Morgan said the chipblitz fee of 10 dollars, which is significantly lower than a vet fee, is a small price to pay for a long and happy relationship with your favourite feline or canine.

“Responsible pet ownership involves so much more than food, water and shelter,” he said.

“Micro-chipping not only is a life-long form of identification for an animal but can also help councils return a lost or stolen pet to their owner.”

Mr Morgan said once the new laws come into effect animals that were not micro-chipped would become a compliance issue for council and owners could face fines if not compliant.  

“We would love to see all pets within council boundaries micro-chipped before July 1 when the new laws commence.” Another Chipblitz prior to July 1 has been arranged in Karoonda for June 14. Chipblitz is being hosted in locations across the region, with one in Murray Bridge this Saturday February 17. Visit www.chipblitz.com for more.