Big changes happening at Tyndale Christian School


Tyndale Christian School has made some impressive changes in recent times, perhaps none more so that the introduction of year 12s to the school.

This significant move means that children can attend Tyndale all the way through from the early learning centre to year 12, allowing for a fantastic continuity in their education.

The school is hoping the community will embrace the commitment to secondary education in Murray Bridge, with Tyndale continuing to do their best to fully prepare students for a pathway beyond school.

The addition of year 12 students is not the only improvement to the school however, with the development of new facilities with a Technology, Science and Home Economics building.

And don’t think that the younger students are being left out, with the newly built Early Learning Centre, reception and year 1 hub proving to be a huge benefit to the education of these learners.

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The Early Learning Centre boasts an educationally strong kindergarten program along with long day care hours for families in need of childcare, where children participate in a range of activities in a warm Christian environment.

The first years of a child’s schooling are vital for establishing a culture of life long learning, at Tyndale educators aim to create young learners keen to enquire, investigate and absorb all they can.

Tyndale Christian School has an all-inclusive fee structure and strong academic and VET program focus.

They are holding their first campus tour for 2018 on March 7 at 9.30am. Call 8250 7655 to book a spot.