Security footage from Unity College, allegedly indicating trespassers on the campus, circulated social media

The Unity College campus.
The Unity College campus.

Unity College has responded to security footage, allegedly depicting trespassers on school property, which had been circulating social media recently.

College Principal Kaye Mathwin-Cox said last month the school had experienced incidents of trespassing and vandalism on campus.

“SAPOL Murray Bridge were informed of the incidents and have been involved in an ongoing investigation,’ she said.

“As yet however, the perpetrators have not been identified.

“The footage of stock being harassed is particularly upsetting, however we are pleased to advise that the animal involved is in good health and has been well cared for by staff, prior to and since the incident.”

Director of development Wayne Gehling said this type of “unnecessary” behaviour disadvantages students and hoped it would not happen again in the school and wider community, with the school upping security measures.